Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s International Awards, Honors & Appointments





1 Honorary Fellow St Hugh’s College (Oxford, UK) 1990
2 Thorolf Rafto – Human Rights Norway 1990
3 Sakharov (Freedom of Thought) European Parliament 1991
4 Nobel Peace Oslo, Norway 1991
5 Honorary Member International PEN (Norwegian Center) 1991
6 Humanities Human Rights Award USA 1991
7 Honorary Member International PEN (Candian Center) 1991
8 Marisa Bellisario Price Italy 1992
9 Annual Award of the international Human Rights Law Group, USA 1992
10 Honorary President Students’ Union London School of Economics and Political Science, UK 1992
11 Honorary Member International PEN (English Centre) 1992
12 Honrary Life Member University of London Union, UK 1992
13 Honorary Professional Fellowship Law and Society Trust, Sri Lanka 1992
14 Honorary Doctorate in Political Science Thammasat University, Thailand 1992
15 International Simon Bolivar prize UNESCO 1992
16 Prix Litteraire des Droits de l’Homme Nouveaux Droits de l’Homme, France 1992
17 Honorary Member World Commission on Culture and Development, UNESCO 1992
18 Member Academie Universelle des Cultures, Paris, France 1993
19 Rose Prize Arbejderbevægelsens Internationale Forum/ International Forum of the Danish Labour Movement, Copenhagen, Denmark 1993
20 Victor Jara International Human Rights Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Los Angeles, USA 1993
21 Member of the Advisory Board Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard University, USA 1993
22 Honorary Doctorate of Law University of Toronto, Canada 1993
23 The Freedom of the City Commune of Giugliano, Italy 1993
24 Bremen Solidarity City of Bremen, Germany 1993
25 Premio Mujer Progresista Federacion Mujeres Progresistas/ Spanish Federation of Progressive Women, Madrid 1993
26 Honorary Doctorate Philosophy & Letters, Free University of Brussels, Belgian 1994
27 Honorary Adviser Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia-Pacific 1994
28 The Freedom of the City Aversa, Italy 1995
29 Liberal International Prize for Freedom Britanints Liberal Democracy Party, UK 1995
30 Honorary Doctorate of Laws Queen’s University, Canada 1995
31 Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding (for 1993) India 1995
32 Gandhi Award Simon Fraser University, Canada 1995
33 Honorary Doctorate of Civil Law University of Oxford 1995
34 IRC Freedom Award International Rescue Committee 1995
35 Companion of the Order of Australia Australia 1996
36 Liberal International Prize UK 1996
37 Asia Human Rights of Law Japan 1996
38 W.Averell Harrimen Democracy Award National Democratic Institute, USA 1996
39 Rajiv Shmirti Parashka [Rajiv Gandhi Memorail Award] India 1996
40 Empty Chair Award Women of the Year Lunch, London, UK 1996
41 Honorary Doctorate of Law Charles University in Prague, Czeeh Republic 1997
42 Honorary Doctorate of Letters Sydney University of Technology, Australia 1997
43 Honorary Doctorate of Letters California Chapman University, USA 1997
44 Honorary Doctorate of Law Natal University, South Africa 1997
45 Honorary Doctorate of Law America University,Washington DC, USA 1997
46 Distinguished Alumni Award Central University/ Delhi University, India 1997
47 Honorary Citizenship of Rome Italy 1997, May 23
48 Honorary Doctorate of Letters Glasgow University, UK 1997
49 Pearl S. Buck Woman’s Award Pearl S. Buck Foundation, USA 1997
50 International Award St. Angela’s Peace and Justice Group, Waterford (Eire) 1997
51 Profiles in Courage Award Kennedy Society of Denmark 1997
52 Honorary Doctorate Cambridge University 1998, June
53 Freedom of the City Oxford, UK 1998
54 Honorary Doctorate of Laws University of Wales, Cardiff 1998
55 Honorary Doctorate of Laws University of Bristol, UK 1998
56 Honorary Doctorate of Laws University of Melbourne, Australia 1998
57 Honorary degree Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium 1998, December
58 Honorary Degree University of Bath, UK 1998, December
59 Honorary Degree Bucknell University 1999, May
60 Freedom Award International Republican Institute 1999, October
61 The Freedom of the City of Dublin Award Ireland 1999, November
62 2000 CAW Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award Canada 2000, December
63 Presidential Medal of Freedom Award Washington DC, USA 2000, December 6
64 Collage United Nations Prize 2001 Germany 2001, June
65 International Social Welfare Prize University of Southern California, School of Social Work 2001, December 8
66 UNESCO – Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence UNESCO 2002
67 2002 Al Neuharth Free Spirit of the Year Award Freedom Forum, Washington, USA 2003
68 MTV Humanitarian Award, “Free Your Mind” MTV Europe, EDINBURGH, UK 2003
69 The 2004 TIME 100, The most influential people in the world today TIME Magazine 2004
70 Kwangju Human Rights Award May 18 Memory Foundation from South Korea 2004
71 TIME’s Asia’s Hero 2004 TIME MAGAZINE 2004
72 The Honorary Citizen of Paris Town Hall of Paris 2004
73 Honorary Doctorate Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics Rangsit University, Thailand 2004
74 Outstanding Women in Buddhism (Award for Battling for Democracy) The United Nations Gender and Religious department 2005
75 Honory Degree in Political Science Thammasat University, Thailand 2005
76 Freedom of the City Award The City Council of Edinburgh, Scotland 2005
77 Freedom of Galway City Galway city, Ireland 2005
78 UNISON Honorary Membership UNISON, Britain’s largest trade union 2005
79 Olof Palme Prize Olof Palme Memorial Fund, Stockholm, Sweden 2006
80 Four Freedoms medals
(Freedom from Fear)
Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, Hyde Park, NY 2006
81 Heroes of our time – the top 50 New Statesman 2006
82 Netaji Subhas Award Netaji Subhas Foundation, Kolkata, India 2007
83 Honorary Doctorate of Law on Human Rights Activist The University of Cape Town, South Africa 2007
84 Freedom of Glasgow the freedom of Scotland’s largest city 2007
85 Rome for Peace and Humanitarian Action City of Rome, Italy 2007
86 Special Award for Lifetime Achievement in Politics PSA, UK 2007, November
87 Abogados de Atocha Castilla-La Mancha region, Spain 2008, January
88 Congressional Gold Medal Congress’ highest civilian honor, Congress, USA 2008, April 25
89 Honorary Canadian Citizenship Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canadia 2008, May 6
90 the Freedom of the City Dundee, Scotland 2008, June 10
91 Catalonia International Prize 2008, MOTHERS OF COURAGE (shared with Dr. Cynthia Maung) Palau de la Generalitat, Catalan Government, Barcelona, Spain 2008, November
92 Honorary Member of the Club of Madrid Club de Madrid, Madrid, Spain 2008, November 20
93 Honorary Council Member The Council of Women World Leaders, Washington, DC 20036 USA 2008, December 20
94 Trumpet of Conscience Award Realizing the Dream, a non-profit organization set up in honor of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Hyatt Regency – Capital Hilton, Washington, USA 2009, January 19
95 Freedom of the City of Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland 2009, March
96 Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Peace and Reconciliation – MAGI Awards The Gandhi Development Trust (GDT), Durban, South Africa 2009, May 22
97 Democracy and Peace Award of Japanese Diet Members’ League Japanese Diet Members’ League in support of Democracy in Myanmar, Tokyo, Japan 2009, June 19
98 The Honorary Doctor of Laws (LLD) at Derry’s Millennium Forum, the University of Ulster in Derry, Ireland, UK 2009, June 24
99 The Ambassador of Conscience Award the recipient of Amnesty International’s highest honory (Irish band U2 is publicly announcing Aung San Suu Kyi’s award Monday night at a Dublin concert.) 2009, July 27
100 Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Award for democracy instituted the Pakistan People’s Party, Islamabad, Pakistan 2010, June 21
101 Honorary Individual Membership Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) 2010, June 29
102 Queen of Myanmar’s Democracy and Human Rights Manav Ekta Parishad, India 2010, November 25
103 Honorary Degree – Doctor of Law Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 2011, February 22
104 Global Leadership Award (Trail-Blazer) – Voice of Decade Vita Voices Global Partnership, USA 2011, April 12
105 The 2011  TIME 100 Poll (the 100 most influential people in the world) Times Magazine, USA 2011, April 21
106 Eleanor Roosevelt Awards for Global Women’s  Rights Feminist Majority Foundation, USA 2011, April 26
107 Freedom of the City
(an Honorary Freewoman of the city of Brighton & Hove)
Brighton & Hove City Council, UK 2011, May 19
108 Côte Saint-Luc Human Rights Walkway Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park, The City of Côte Saint-Luc, Québec, Canada 2011, June 6
109 Doctor Litterarum et Philosophiae (honoris causa)
(an Honorary Doctoral Degree)
University of Johannesburg (UJ),  South African 2011, June 24
110 Chatham House Prize 2011
ႎိုင္ငံတကာ ဆက္ဆံေရး ဂုဏ္ဴပႂဆု၊ ၂၀၁၁
The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, UK 2011, September 2၂

Source:Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s International Awards, Honors & Appointments


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3 Responses to “Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s International Awards, Honors & Appointments”

  1. alan kok Says:

    No one could surpass her for her outstanding human rights achievements. 110 recognitions of her lifetime effort. Dow Suu Kyi, I salute and admire you. You’re the greatest.

    Alan Kok

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    “Daw Aung San Suu Kyi” deascribed by Former UN Special Envoy Tan Sri Razali Ismail
    Former UN Special Envoy Tan Sri Razali Ismail recalls his meetings with Burma’s most famous prisoner, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in his, One Wisma Putra… His art of portraying Daw Suu choked my heart, and I could not even talk for a while and unable to hold my tears.

    “After a period of waiting she emerged, cool and composed, in a traditional blue blouse and sarong, with bunga melor (jasmine flower) in her hair. Call it a grand entrance, if you like. She was polite and dignified, placing me on her right as she sat with me on a semicircular settee, her back ramrod straight. It was one of those settees without backs, the kind that tends to make one slouch if one is not careful, and it made me painfully aware of my own posture, sitting beside her with her back straight as a dancer. Subconsciously, I felt obliged to match her posture, losing the battle, however, and slouching as the discussion went on. There was no question about it —she looked very attractive, what with the scent of the melor in the air at close quarters. At an early part of my conversation with her, I said, “You are not only courageous but also attractive.” (I was forewarned that she was glacial). By the end of a two-hour chat, during which time she did not bend at all (perhaps symbolic of her uprightness in terms of her principles), a basis for an ongoing relationship had already developed.

    She believed wholeheartedly in the rule of law and hoped that the UN would equally commit to that in helping Myanmar. Our discussions covered, obviously, issues of reconciliation, the rights of various ethnic parties, the future role of the military, etc. But the times with her were very rich. Conversation meandered to other subjects like life, culture, humanity, law and rights. The Lady (Suu Kyi is affectionately referred to thus across the country) really can talk. She impressed me, surprised me, that despite her years of detention she had managed to keep track of virtually everything, including UN developments and those in the world. She even told me that she had been re-examining the Myanmar constitution in readiness for the difficult negotiations ahead toward national reconciliation and democracy.

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