Bone-brittling Sound at ABSDF committed by Ronald Aung Naing and Dr Naing Aung

How Student Leader Ko Tun Aung Kyaw & comrades were inhumanely killed by ABSDF Ronald Aung Naing and Dr Naing Aung at KIA field, Burma

Source: FB of Lin Htein on Saturday, January 14, 2012

Note: My comment: I changed or corrected the heading. It should be Ronald Aung Naing and Dr Naing Aung. (Ronald Aung Naing ABSDF NB and Dr Naing Aung HQ, who fought with Ko MTZun. Naing Aung came to NB to get support from Ronald Aung Naing, so although he witness the atrocities, he kept his mouth shut. So he may be at least responsible for the Command responsibility see Wiki 

Bone-brittling Sound  at ABSDF (North)

First    of all, let me pass my sincere greeting to all student  comrades of    ADSDF (North) who, with all their hearts, set at your camp  the flag  with   the fighting peacock emblem. This is a New Year for all  of us.  Happy   New Year to all my comrades!

As you all see, in the near  future,   we will be altogether striving  to move forward, taking new  steps afresh   towards our goals. We all  will be working together to  cleanse our   political environment–the one  being dominated so long by  demons.

I,   as a member of All Burma Students Union (Upper  Burma), would  like to   convey my greetings to the students from Moe  Hnyin District,  who in the   past attended the Mandalay conference of  All Burma Students  Union  (Upper  Burma), and remind all of you of our  historical duty to  set the  records  straight regarding the bloodshed  at the ABSDF northern  camp in  1991,  that had resulted in the loss of  the students’ army  dignity and  in the  eventual decline of the ABSDF’s  significance.

It is our  duty that  we raise questions with  regard to the dignity  of the  students’ army and  also that of the  sel-less ABSDF student  comrades,  whose efforts and  commitment were  never properly  acknowledged, despite  their love for the  country and  sacrifice of  their own lives. We will  continue to raise  challenging  questions for  the sake of those fallen  comrades.

We,  however,  are Buddhists on the other hand; we have  no desire to  catch the  flame  of bad Karma caused by some others who  spread it in  the first  place.  Therefore, it is very important that we  all resolve  this matter  in a  calm, undisturbed manner. It is also very  important  that we do not   cause any personal conflicts with anyone or  any  organization due to   personal differences between and amongst one   another. It is necessary   that we learn from the mistakes which we have   had the opportunity to   observe throughout our struggle for freedom.   Therefore, when we claim  to  set all these records straight for the sake   of truth regarding  the  killings at the ABSDF northern camp, the whole   endeavor is not  only for  the purpose of documenting the events as  they  actually  happened back  then in 1991, but we all must continue to  take   necessary actions against  those responsible culprits who  committed   crimes at the northern camp.

It  is a fact that we have long   suppressed our desire to tell the  truth to  the public. There are   reasons for that; firstly, we do not  desire to  stir things up in the   wrong direction because our struggle  for freedom  is not over yet.   Secondly, we were very concerned that the  students from  a younger   generation would be perpetually disappointed  after learning  about the   true events within the ABSDF. Most  importantly, our reserve on  this   particular subject matter was due to  the necessity that calls for  our   patience to wait till the end of our  democratic movement in order to    prevent the ABSDF from earning a  terrible reputation.

However,    the case is the most horrifying massacre committed by a  few people  from   the ABSDF (N), and even in the wake of those tragic  events, that    resulted in deaths of dozens of innocent students, we  have observed  that   the individuals who were involved in those killings  have been  more   united than ever, systematically destroying the good  reputation  of our   students army. Their corruption is widespread, and  these  corrupt   individuals as a group have shared the same goals of  their  own   self-interest, and they work together to prevent themselves  from  losing   the opportunity to keep exploiting. They have exploited  funds  received   in the name of the democratic movement in Burma, formed  a  special elite   class squandering public funds for personal luxuries,   and  thoughtlessly  defaced the reputation of the democratic movement.

As   a result,  the international donors and NGOs have now eventually    shifted their  attention to mainland Burma, after the recent changes in    the political  scenes inside the country. It is seen these days that   the  same corrupt  individuals have begun a new strategy to mess up   inside  Burma. However,  they are not going to get away with their   crimes this  time.


Before  I disclose the full story,  let me share  with you one thing  about KIA.  Some Kachin majors asked a  question to  the ABSDF committee  (N) after  they learned that a group  of students as  many as 90 were  arrested by the  camp leaders:

“What  is going on?  Even over many years under the  leadership of  Bransai  (KIA Leader), we  caught only about five men. Now  it seems  quite  surprising you have  caught so many. Is it a realistic  figure?”

Back then, Ronald Aung Naing replied laughing:

“Ha..ha..ha,    well, Major, why are you asking whether there are  holes anywhere  once   one has been bitten by a tiger? If KIA got only  five spies in  your   entire era, it is only because you guys are too  naive, ha..  ha..ha.”

Also,   in “All the wars are dirty”, the interview with  Ronald Aung  Naing, the   culprit put blame on KIA. His words in the  interview made  me smile.  Back  in 1991, it was KIA who heard the  continual torturing  and killing  of  students, as the scale of  atrocities against the  arrested students  grew  out of hand, and it  became impossible for the  ABSDF committee to  conceal  the events. When  the whole thing  (persecution of innocent  students by  the camp  committee) was starting  to stink, some KIA  officials began to   intervene, and forced Ronald  Aung, in one particular  case, to stop  what  he had been doing.

As a result of the KIA  forceful  intervention,  only Nan Aung Htway  Kyi was saved and taken away  from  the camp before it  was too late.  Again, in a matter-of-fact way,  we  need to ask a question  to the ABSDF  (North) about their share of  jade  and other resources it  had received  from the KIA back then. Unlike   the ABSDF(South), the  northern camp  was doing quite well with the   sufficient amount of funds  and other  supplies.

“Where did all the funds go?”

Only the individuals who were there at that time can answer this question.



First    of all, I would like to provide you a list of all students  who were    executed at the camp of the ABSDF (N). Here, I would like to   emphasize   an account of two particular students, comrade Ma Khin Cho   Oo, a member   of NLD and Ko Pyi Soe Naing, who was then accused of   having an affair   with the former.

First Pyi Soe Naing was  tortured and then his   body was buried in a  hole only with his head  above the ground at a place   like Laison in  Kachin State, whether the  weather was extremely cold in   winter. Pyi  Soe Naing died from the  severe injuries from torture and  his   overexposure to the extreme cold  in the whole night. By the time he  was   dead, the body was as cold as  ice. Some ADSDF committee members   forced  Khin Cho Oo to have oral  sex on the cold dead body of Pyi Soe   Naing.  After watching her do  that, they started raping her one by one.   By the  time they were about  to execute the victim Khin Cho Oo by   beheading her,  the girl begged  them not to behead her. Instead, she   asked them to  shoot her in the  head. It was Than Chaung who shot her in   the head at  the end as she  had asked.

Next account is on Ko Kyaw  Wai. When  they tortured  him, he was  forced to run around the football  field with  one of his  hand tied to a  soft mine. While running in the  field, the  mine  exploded and Ko Kway  Wai lost some fingers. Then, they  put him back   in the camp’s detention  center. It was usual of the ABSDF  (N) to have   used soft mine bombs on  these detainees during the phase of    military-style interrogation.

The following list contains the    names of those who were beheaded at  the ABSDF(N) on February 12, 1991.    (According to the victims’  positions back then, I address them in a  way   appropriate to their  ranks and titles such as comrade soldier,  surgent,   captain etc.)

(1) Ko Tun Aung Kyaw ( the Chairman of All Burma Students Union Upper Burma, Mandalay

They    used the harshest interrogation military techniques to  torture. To  sum   up, they put a hot metal plate on the thighs of Ko Tun  Aung,  poured   boiling tar liquid on his stomach, and then they lighted  it so  his   stomach skin caught flame. Also they hammered heated iron  nails  into his   soles. In order to keep his moral down, they made Ko  Tun  Aung Kyaw   watch Comrade Ko Kyaw Wai being beheaded. After that,  they  left the head   spouting blood and forced Ko Tun Aung Kyaw to drink   some blood coming   out of Ko Kyaw Wai’s head.

They also made Ko  Tun Aung Kyaw watch   Ko Cho Gyi when the latter’s  hand was being cut  off. But the cut at the   wrist did not turn out  clean; instead the  knife landed just above the   upper palm, chopping  four fingers off  except the thumb. Then, they made   Ko Tun Aung Kyaw  bite a finger of  Ko Cho Gyi in his mouth. Till the  day  Ko Tun Aung  Kyaw was beheaded,  he was unable to walk, having to  rely on a  stick  for support.

Till  the day he was beheaded, he had  been  walking with a limp. The  man  who cut off his head missed the head  in the  first attempt, and  thus  Ko Tun Aung Kyaw tried to get up in  agony, but  someone hit his  head  with a shovel from behind to end his  life.

(2)Ko Cho Gyi ( Mandalay)

They   applied the harshest  military interrogation techniques in  torturing  Ko  Cho Gyi. His stomach  was often burnt. He was interrogated  in a  position  with his body tied  to a cross, his palms being nailed  to the  posts. They  hammered his  hands several times during the   interrogation period. The  same day Ko  Kyaw Wai was beheaded, they cut   off Ko Cho Gyi’s hand by the  wrist. At  the time they executed him, he   took his final moment in an  amazingly  calm, composed manner while   being beheaded.

(3)Ko Kyaw Wai

It   was Ko Myo Win who  beheaded comrade Kyaw Wai. The victim begged  Ko Myo   Win not to cut  his head off. However, upon his realization of  the   unfortunate moment  inevitable, he vowed and screamed:

“Yes, you   can kill me, You  can kill me, but not my soul nor my  conscience. I am a   genuine Dhamma  student. You go ahead to kill this  genuine Dhamma   student.” He also  lost one of his hands as a result of  the soft mine   bomb exploded in  his palm. After that, his hand was cut  off due to the   injury, while  he was detained during the harsh  interrogation period.

(4) Comrade Aung Phoe (Rangoon)

They    also used a soft mine bomb to torture him in front of the  residence    center used by the camp committee members. Ko Than Chaung,  Ko Myo  Win,   and Ko Ronald Aung Naing were all involved. They tied a  soft  mine to one   of his feet, and the same day, Ma Nan Aung Htwe Kyi  was  tortured too.   Fortunately, his hands were spared that day.   Eventually, the victim   comrade Aung Phoe lost one foot from the mine   blast that day. In that   condition, he was beheaded on the final day.

(5) Comrade Kyaw Kyaw Min ( Moneywar)

When    the camp committee read the execution order to him, he  experienced a    severe nervous break-down and became instantly yet  partially  paralyzed.   He did not feel his lower-half and lost the  sensations in  his body to   such an extent that he was unaware of his  own urination  out of fear. At   the moment he was about to be beheaded,  he got  assisted to get to the   site since he was unable to walk due to  the  shock.

(6) Comrade Maung Maung Kwae ( Rangoon)

It   was said  that he was the adopted son of Daw Cho Cho Kyaw Nyein.  During   the  training series No. 5, he became most vocal and critical of  Ko Myo    Win’s conduct . During the interrogation period, Ko Myo Win  tortured   him  most often. It was also Ko Myo Win who beheaded him.

(7) Sergent Tu Tu ( Myit Kyi Na )

He was asked to say a prayer just before they put the knife on his neck. However, comrade Tu

Tu said nothing but took the execution quietly.

(8) Ko Hla Myint ( Tut Kone )

Till the moment  beheaded ,he kept pleading  and arguing  forcefully that  he was not a spy.

They beheaded hi m on the same day.

(9) Comrade Yan Aung ( Rangoon )

When    he was beheaded ,the cut was not so clean that he got up in  agony.  But   they ended his life with a bayonet  thrust into his chest.

(10) Sergent Htay Myint Win ( Rangoon )

He was very vocal and critical of Ko Myo Win during the training series No.5.During the

interrogation phase Myo Win asked, vengefully in anger;

“ Bastard, can you now criticize me again in the same way as you did during the training period?”

Htay Myint Win asked Myo Win  to shoot him in the head, Myo Win carried it out with a pistol.

( 11 ) Comrade Ma Khin Cho Oo,

Just before she was about to be killed, she was begging them in tears to spare her life .They took

all her clothes and killed her with a pistol.

( 12 ) Captain Bo Thar Du ( Rangoon )

He was also beheaded.

( 13 ) Comrade Aung Aung ( Ka Thar )

He was beheaded.

( 14 ) Comrade Aye Myint ( Ka Thar )

He was beheaded.

( 15 ) Sergent Thaung Myint ( Sitgaing )

He was beheaded.

( 16 ) Comrade Thet Naing ( Rangoon )

He was beheaded.

( 17 ) Pyi Soe Naing ( Rangoon )

He was arrested during the night and his body was buried to the neck  in the cold weather of

Laisan. The committee members hit his head hard several  times. He had a medical condition,

Inflammation of the meningeal  layers , as a result  of brutal beating  and being abandoned in

The cold,he did not survive past the night. In the morning , he died from severe head injuries and

encephalitis, an acute inflammation of the brain from fatal  head damage. Once he was dead ,the

committee made Ma Khin Cho Oo walked over his head to further lower his dignity. They also

accused the victim of having  an affair with Ma Khin Cho Oo.

After all these events of beheading, the ABSDF ( N ) did not announce certain

Individuals in the list . The people who will killed without acknowledgement by the ABSDF were;

( 1 ) Ko Kyaw Wai ( Mandalay )

( 2 ) Ko Soe Win Than ( Mandalay )

He was out of the KIA hospital by Than Zaw and his followers  and later killed at the hill of


( 3 ) Ko Win Naing ( Rangoon )

He was killed in Ban Maw District in early April ,1991.

( 4 ) Ko Yan Shin ( Rangoon )

He became physically  broken and died from brutal fatal blows with the knives  and clubs.

( 5 ) U Kyaw Kyaw Bone ( District Chairperson )

He was taken to the combat area and tortured severely died from fatal beating and torture.

—————————————  = —————————————-

The Part Two to follow up , i will continue to present  the full list of those victims who were

Killed at the interrogation unit , including the name of those who were in charge of  the prison and the interrogation unit.


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3 Responses to “Bone-brittling Sound at ABSDF committed by Ronald Aung Naing and Dr Naing Aung”

  1. Truth Says:

    Where are these criminals now??? Where’s that Myo WIn, Aung Naing, (Dr.) Naing Aung and the rest???

  2. JusticeWatcher Says:

    Ronald Aung Naing is in Chiang Mai doing some kind of training with donor money. Dr. Naing Aung is somewhere with wife Khin Onmar, still enjoying donor monies. Have no idea where Myo Win is, maybe somewhere in the deepest pits of hell, where I am sure both Ronald Aung Naing and Dr. Naing Aung will end up in. Khin Onmar should really take a deeper look at her husband and help uncover the conspiracy and bring justice to the good names of the fallen heroes. Donors need to be informed of these people and the atrocities they committed.

  3. kimgooi Says: Please click and read this article

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