Muslim youths in Myanmar should be trained to be competitive in corporate world

My dear friend Ko Phyo replied to my letter mentioned below:


That’s the good point that you mentioned. The current generation and the next would make a big difference, freedom of religion and speech will give rooms to excel especially for Muslim youths. You are also right that excelling in all aspects/fields of studies will give greater opportunity for us.

As I notice in Singapore mosques, they have training programs for:

  1. Professional English communication skills,
  2. accountancy,
  3. computer literacy training,
  4. Marketing
  5. and personal grooming for modern contemporary business world,

which were organized courses by Mosques, of course without forgetting religious reaching.

This is one contribution that Muslim youths will be competitive in corporate world.

Inshallah we will have at least equal religious rights if real change arises and some good examples that we can adopt from some successful Muslim societies.


Ko Phyo

My letter:


Walaikum Salam.

TQ for the kind words.  Actually Allah has given me enough here.  From here we all (Muslims) could campaign for the EQUAL Rights for all of us, Myanmar Muslims.

If we get that, new generation Muslims in Myanmar could rise up and could even dominate in every field in a couple of decade.

May be that is my dream only as the opposition and so called democratic forces are still ignorant of meaning of TRUE Democracy.

TQ again



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