We need to promote mutual understanding and respect of all the religions

I here by want to promote mutual understanding and respect of all the religions.

  1. Let us promote mutual understanding, mutual love and mutual respect for each other.
  2. All the religions have common good virtues and teachings.
  3. Let us highlight the common and similar teachings and leave the differences to practice personally in our own homes and in the premise of the religious worshipping places. We must fulfil our religious rituals and prayers in our own houses and in worshipping places.
  4. We should avoid argues, debates, quarrels and discussions on religious differences.
  5. These must be avoided in the public but it should be strictly done  in the confines of our own religious community.
  6. We should have a communication hot line open always to discuss any social and religious problems among the different faiths as we are staying together and the potential problems will crop up any time.

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