Where there is hatred, let me sow Love

Where there is hatred, let me sow Love.

Where there is doubt, let me sow Faith.

Where there is darkness, let me sow Light.

Where there is despair, let me sow Hope.

Where there is injury, let me sow Pardon. 

For it is in Giving that we receive.

It is in Pardoning that we are pardoned.

It is in dying that we are born to Eternal life.

St. Prancis.

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2 Responses to “Where there is hatred, let me sow Love”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    The best revenge is forgiveness.
    •We must try to forgive and forget.
    •Yes, our anger, hatred and grievance would definitely burn our own heart.
    •Animosity burns and destroys not only the enemy and the innocent surroundings and the immediate neighbours but also one’s own-self.
    •Animosity and the desire of revenge blind a person and may even unintentionally leads to a self-destructive course.
    •Hatred incites and grows reciprocal hatred from the opposite side.
    •Only if we discard and stop our hatred – the reciprocal hatred will diminish and disappear.
    •Viscous circle of the hatred, revenge, animosity could be stopped by forgiveness followed by love.
    •We must not even secretly or quietly keep hatred and desire for revenge even in our heart. We should not just pretend to be magnanimous from outside appearances only.
    •Forgiveness is more effective and sweet when we are winning or when we are in a position to revenge. That is the best time to forgive, forget the bitter feelings, start a new friendship, do something your enemy never expected by just try to be nice, gentle and good on him.
    •This is the best way to cut the vicious circle of revenge. In this way, we can change our enemy in to one of our best friends. Redemption resulted to transform him in to your saviour. He could be changed totallty and will be even possible to sacrifice his life for us if really necessary.
    •It is very easy to push your small minor enemy in to a life long fore by a simple, stupid revenge.
    •There is a saying that even if we have a thousand of friends, it is not enough. But even if we have one enemy, it is too much.

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    It’s all too easy to play the victim and complain about institutionalised racism and discrimination when one is not bothered to help oneself and one’s family to deal with and overcome the vicissitudes of life that is never fair on us as Muslims.

    Very few of us are born with a silver or golden spoon in our mouths. But for most of us, a good education is key to social mobility and increased earning power.

    Simply put, we play with the cards that we were dealt with instead of bemoaning our fate and demonstrating noisily about the unfairness of it all although it is true that we are unfairly discriminated. But just look at the realty, who will help us? Our Muslim brothers around the world? They are all selfish, greedy and totally useless. Christians or others? We need to help ourselves! That’s the truth.

    We must cultivate mutual respect, trust and understanding among all the religions.
    •We must search, point out, and promote the common virtues and good points from our various religions.

    •We must ignore the controversial, potential igniting differences in various religions.

    •Actually, non of us can easily prove that the other religions are totally wrong and our religion is absolutely true and right. Religion depends on our faiths.

    •All of the religions some times need blind faith without any question.

    •We are not arguing here that any religion or all the religions are not true. Actually I am a practising Muslim and absolutely believe in Islam.

    •But I would never say or try to prove that other religions are wrong.

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