Myanmar Muslims must do self-improvement in all the fields

Myanmar Muslims must do self-improvement to have all round strength and power

  • Non-poisonous snakes are not even      respected by the children.
  • If we are weak, we are always      exposed to the exploitations of the bullies and thuds.
  • We have to prepare and strengthen      our-selves physically, intellectually, economically, socially, mentally,      spiritually etc.
  • We have to promote our health by      living in a healthy way.
  • Eating nutritious foods, avoid      cigarettes, liquor and drugs. Avoid dangerous sexual behaviors.
  • Do regular exercise, plays sports.
  • Learn Martial arts for self defense      and if get a chance try to learn by participating in civil defense and      military training.

Learn and study hard

Malcom X told us that the education is the passport of the future.

  • Islam promotes education.
  • Islam encourages us to learn from      the cradle to the graveyard.
  • Islam advises us to even go to      China (from Arabia) to learn.
  • Actually Muslim town Bukhara,      the famous for Islamic teachings, is in China and the most famous      Islamic Scholar Imam Bukhari was educated there.

We have to work hard

  • But it is more important to work      smart.
  • To be able to work smart, we need      education, skills, modern technology and know how.
  • Even after the schooling period of      Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education and had already entered the      employment period, we always need to polish up or brush up our knowledge      and skills.
  • On job training, further studies,      evening classes and R&D (Research and Development) are always needed      to improve our-selves and to value added our products.
  • Paper qualification is      important in the advancement of the carrier ladder.
  • Acquiring the relevant experience      and skills are also very important for the promotion but lack of      paper qualification may stop us at certain crucial step of promoting into      the specialist, consultant or expert level. The status, parks, salary      scales etc. are totally different at that top professional and management      level from the simple oridinary workers.
  • Other essential living skills like      learning – driving motor-bike and motor car, computer and Information      Technology, swimming, at least one foreign language etc. is also very      important.

We must maintain the high moral values

  • Bad moral will destroy all of our      achievements.
  • Sex, corruption liquor and drugs      have cause the downfall of many great personalities in the history.
  • Reading habit is also very      important value.
  • Motivation books are the vitamins      for the mind. These books could improve our communication skills. We want      to recommend the book written by Dale Carnegie “ How to win friends and      influence people” and translated by our late democratically elected Prime      Minister U Nu.
  • Actually nowadays there are a lot      of books on these subjects and many have been translated in to Burmese.
  • I want to recommend the “Chicken      soup for the mind” series also.
  • We need to improve our mental      power and communication skills as well as physical health and      muscular power.

We must be thrifty and have the habit of saving for the rainy day.

Our Myanmar Muslims’ traditional believe in hard work to survive and to gain status in life may be simply because our ancestors were immigrants and they always had to thrive very hard in the foreign hostile land.

  • If they did not work hard, there was      no one to rely or depend upon. Just do or die only.
  • It is more important for us to work      harder as we all had already cut off our umbilical cords from our ancient      migrant ancestors’ mother lands. Most of us even could not trace or even      know our roots or from where they come from.
  • We had burnt the bridges.
  • Abandoned or destroyed the rafts or      boats our ancestors had used to cross the oceans and rivers.
  • There is no question of return or      retreat. We must stay on forever.
  • Myanmar or Burma is our new      home-land.

We Myanmar Muslims’ inherent character and habit of _

  • placing importance on hard work,
  • education,
  • thrift,
  • family relationships,
  • respect for elders are the precious      assets for us to maintain.

Those individual skills and powers will be more effective and strengthened by the unity among the fellow Muslims and preferably extended to our Buddhist brothers.

We must always hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

If something went wrong and we failed –

  • don’t blame others.
  • Accept it gracefully.
  • There is a saying – the success has      a lot of fathers and the failure is an orphan.
  • Almost all the people will deny      their responsibility.
  • We have to accept the failure with      the open mind.
  • No need to made a witch hunt or      search for the scapegoat.
  • After accepting the failure, we      have to search for the real cause, without bias.
  • What, where, when, why and how it      fails.
  • Who is responsible is not      important.
  • Even if some-one accidentally or      intentionally triggered our downfall or failure, it is very difficult to      blame or change that person. Don’t be a paranoid.
  • It is our struggle. It is our      interest to make sure that, that person could not damage our struggle, in      any way. We have to make sure that, that won’t happen again. It is our      responsibility to smooth out all because it is our own struggle for our      success.

From all the failures and disasters, we must learn the lessons.

  • These are blessings in disguise.     
  • Make those failures pillars for      our success.
  • Try! Try! Try! Again and again.
  • Never give up the hope.
  • Thomas Eddison had failed about      five hundred thousand times before he successfully invented an electric      bulb.
  • Don’t stop trying. Think and      analyse what went wrong. Correct it. Improve it. Prepare your-self.
  • Try again. Victory is for those      dare to try again and again.
  • Perseverance is the key-word      for success.
  • Easy success is actually not very      sweet nor precious.
  • Victory gained after a lot of      struggles are really sweat and gratifying.
  • Easy to get Iron and Copper are      cheap.
  • Gold, Diamond and Ruby are precious      because it is rare and difficult to get.

Actually power comes from within.

If we, Myanmar Muslims have_

  • confidence,
  • self respect,
  • proud being a Muslim and
  • if strongly believe that we are not      a simple person,
  • but one day will surely progress,
  • there is definitely a very bright      future of crowning with the success.
  • Inner spiritual strength is      more important and always guides the outer physical power.
  • Even if we are weak physically,      inner spiritual and mental strength and power will guide, train and convert      it to become powerful.

And we must be ready to give a helping hand, to others, any time.

  • If we have a chance, we should try      to help any one we encounter at any time irrespective of race and      religion.
  • Mutual help promotes the      friendship. One important thing is that we should not help just to get      back immediate rewards or favour.
  • Even if that person never thanks      or betrayed us, we should never doubt about our helping spirit.
  • It is our duty to help.
  • It is a charity.
  • That good will be never forgotten.
  • We have to reap what we sow.
  • We will reap the rewards of all      the good that we have done.

We must not forget that we will have to pay for all the bad things that we have done.

Self-discipline is very important for us.

  • We have to commit our-selves to      improve the living standard of our-selves, our family, our relatives, our      friends, our neighbours, our town, our country and our nation.
  • Ultimate goodwill of      brotherhood among the different races is very important.
  • Muslims are ordered by Islam to      be loyal to the nation and country they lived in even if the government is      a non-Muslim ruler.

But if the ruler is very cruel, discriminate and commit tyranny and atrocities on Muslims, we are allowed to fight back a Holy war.

  • If we are weak we must migrate from      that place.
  • We are ordered not to just die      under the atrocities.
  • God will condemn those died without      doing any thing.
  • God promised the paradise for those      die during the religious struggle.
  • And God also promised to fulfil      the prayers of those suffering the un-justice.

It is very difficult to change the other people, whether they are right or wrong.

  • It is easy to change      our-selves.
  • Yes, it is better, easier and more      effective if we try to change our-selves.
  • It is easier than fighting,      quarrelling or arguing with others. Once you started to blame others, they      will deny and start defending them-selves.
  • The stone wall will be built, they      will give all the excuses and will even point the finger back to us and      start to blame us.
  • We would not get the desired      result but will make a new enemy.

We have to change our-selves to win over the hearts and minds of our Burmese Buddhists brothers and sisters.

If they believe that we are sincere, trustworthy, reliable and good they will definitely change their hearts and corporate and even help us.

In Islam, our most important duty as the citizens of the non-Islamic State is to obey the government and abide by the rules, regulations and the laws of the land.

But if the government discriminate unjustly on us, we have some options to choose.

The first and easiest thing is to perform special prayers to Allah. And Allah had already promised to answer the prayers of victims of injustice.

Second choice is to resist or protest in a peaceful manner, if possible within the law. At least we must have some courage for that protest.

Another step should be borrowed from the Mahattma Ghandi’s civil disobedience.

We could take a more peaceful and milder form by avoiding direct confrontation with the law or the authorities. Even Ghandi’s “Salt Protest” is direct confrontation.

That type of direct confrontation may be a little bit difficult in Burma’s political, social and economical life, because the APC dominance is still omnipresent and omnipotent. Army, ex-army, SPCD, Swan Arrshinn and the USDA or ‘Kyant Phot’ or the thuds of SPDC still dominate and influence our every-day’s life. If we refuse to cooperate with them we, will suffer first.

  • So we should secretly try to avoid      them, avoid cooperation with them secretly. We should secretly always try      to sabotage each and every activity of those tyrants.
  • We can do in many forms, although      APCs have all the permits to buy from the government, they still need to      buy from the people.
  • If we refuse to sell we will get a      very big revenge, so we have to sell them but with a little bit higher      price.
  • If they forced us to work or      donate, give low quality goods and service. Try to delay, destroy their      aims and objects.
  • Socially, try to avoid them or      treat as outcasts.
  • Refuse to make friend or marry      them.
  • Try to sabotage all of their      activities.

Another better way is to migrate to a better place.

Some of the people only have a chance to do this because most of the host countries are not willing to accept us.

  • Although they claim to be      Muslims, they created a lot of lame excuses to justify their hostile      activities to us.
  • We are poor distant cousin brothers      in Islam, in contrast to Bosnian and Indonesian real brothers in Islam for      them.
  • Even non-Muslims from other Asean      countries, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Arabs got more favourable treatment by      Immigration and Home Ministries because of policies and laws which clearly      discriminate on the citizens of Burma (Myanmar) irrespective of religion.

Power of the powerless

Muslims in Myanmar(Burma) must struggle to get the ‘Power of the powerless instead of armed struggle.

All kinds of violence, means more risks and less chance of success.

As we are a minority only, we have to sacrifice a lot without any hope at all.

Instead of aiming to get the top executive administrative Power, we should aim to get the power to influence those in power!

To become a power broker, king maker, king breaker, or have the power to pull the strings from behind the curtain should be the target of Muslims in Myanmar.

  • Power of friendship,
  • power of wisdom,
  • power of intelligence,
  • power of knowledge,
  • power of wealth,
  • power of good connections,
  • power of goodwill,
  • power of good track record,
  • power of trustworthiness,
  • power of good moral and      manners,
  • power of unity and
  • power of cooperation for mutual      benefits and prosperity

are the main pillars of the POWER OF THE POWERLESS.

All of us know that power leads to corruption.

And the absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Any one in power will corrupt.

Even if we, Muslims have power, there is no way to guarantee that we would be able to avoid this totally.

And those corrupt leaders or rulers could not escape Sansara, or they may have to pay back later on the judgement day.

According to Buddhism, even Lord Buddha, was scared of becoming king, and tried many times to avoid or abdicate.

Actually if we look at the condition in our country, it is a blessing, in disguise for the Muslims. Instead of wasting time and grooming ourselves to become a politi­cian, we could use, our time mainly on education, economy and of course on religious and social works.

It is better, less controversy and is sure of good results.

If we become highly educated professionals, wealthy, good moral characters, no one could ignore us.

Definitely we would be able to influence any politician in power.

  • So it is no need, for the      Muslims in Burma to be jealous of our Burmese Buddhist friends in power.
  • No need to fight them or      sabotage them but we must slowly and steadily try to expend our influence      and contacts with them.
  • We must build a good      relationship for the mutual benefit.
  • We must aim at the win win      situation.
  • No need to make them poor or      suffer.

We must increase the economic pie instead.

  1. No need to rob or reduce their      share. In Burmese, we have a well known saying: “The water from the ocean      could not dry up because of drinking by one person.”
  2. Yes! If the economic pie is big      enough or if we could magnify it to accommodate all of us, there is no need      to fight for a bigger share.
  3. So we all must work hard to      improve our living standards,
  4. reduced the poverty rates,
  5. to improve our infrastructures,     
  6. to increase our literacy rates,     
  7. to promote peace and stability,     
  8. to reduce hatred and      suspicions,
  9. to catch up the economy and      living standards of Asean tigers and Asia dragons.
  10. Our country is poor and needs a      lot of constructions and development. If we continue to fight, we will      suffer.

If we have no political power to abuse_

  • we will have less sin,
  • less enemy and
  • will get more time to spend on      more productive and useful things.
  • We could use that valuable time      for our-selves, our family, our religion and for our country.
  • Even if we use that time on      recreation and health it will indirectly increase our productivity.


We should not give up hope.

I would like to quote a poem of Rabindranath Tagore, (1861-1941) translated in to Burmese. Because we, most of the Burmese knew him and his poems, I hereby like to translate in to English from the Burmese.

“If you miss the moon and waste the time with the sorrow and crying, you will miss the stars also.”

  • I even want to add, that after the      dark stormy night, the clear dawn will definitely follow.
  • If we waste the time crying for      the missed moon, we could also miss the beauty of the dawn.
  • Please stop crying for the spilt      milk.
  • Nothing is really lost or      priceless to be missed.
  • The fish we failed to catch always      seemed to be big.
  • Please, just accept the real fact      or pretend that the forbidden grapes are sour.
  • Be content with the local fruits      we got.
  • There are much more precious      things on earth to achieve.
  • Don’t waste time on lost      opportunities or things we could not get.

Because of the western propaganda’s bias reporting and illustration of Muslims as terrorists and extremists, many people have preformed bad images on us followed by fear.

  • This is our duty to try to change      our image in them with our friendship, goodwill, generosity, loving      kindness, co-operation and help etc.
  • Sports and social welfare are the      easiest routes to approach others.
  • Especially Muslims must      establish a good relations with not only the civilian Burmese Buddhists      but also even with the monks.
  • We should learn how to      communicate properly, respectfully and to behave correctly with the Buddhist      Monks. We have to use some special words and phrases with respect. Once we      manage to ‘talk’ to them in a proper way or religious protocol, all of the      difficulties will be over. You will be surprised how helpful the monks are      on us.
  • If there is no propaganda      warfare or incitement and direct parti­cipation of the Military      Intelligent spies, Swan Arrshins and USDA thugs, no one will ever harm us.
  • Even during the Military      government sponsored anti-Muslim riots, true monks protected the Muslims.
  • The very good relation of      Buddhists and Burmese Muslims and especially the merchants of Mandalay      Zeygyo (Zeycho) Myanmar Muslims’ skill to communicate with the Buddhist      monks was mentioned and praised by one of the most famous lady journalist      ‘Ludu Daw Ah Mar’ in one of the most famous Myanmar Magazine, ‘Shwe Amu      Tae” in 1998.
  • So we need to grow and also show      the loving kindness for all the citizens of Burma (Myanmar). They would      definitely appreciate and return an appropriate reciprocal response.
  • We need to use our mosques to base      and expend our social and welfare works.
  • Myanmar Muslims have enough      manpower and Finance to start a health care works, education assis­tance      works and legal aid works.
  • We should extend our free or      partially subsided clinics and hospitals.
  • We should open and extend public      libraries, tuition classes, religious classes, motivation and moral      workshops, IT training, business and legal- aid bureaus, homes for the      handicapped, orphanages, domestic violence victims and aged. We could work      toge­ther with our Burmese friends.
  • Vocational training, sports      activities and training, teaching English speaking and other foreign      languages are also helpful for the youths.
  • Zakat funds and other funds also      must be set up and use with transparency to aid the poor, for the      education and to help to start small business.
  • For the disaster and tragedy      aids there should he donations without strings but for the education      and business aid, we should strictly consider non-interest loans only.
  • Once graduated and get jobs or if      business thrive and progress, they should be made to pay back the dues so      that other needy persons could benefit from this scheme. Most of the      successful people stay away from those organizations after they graduated      or success because they are shy to disclose their past. That is the wrong      idea. They should be even proud of their success achieved from that pooer      start.
  • We should not only aid money to      start a business but should advice and give training for that.
  • And we should form a net work to      help their business running. We should encourage to franchise our Muslim      business.
  • We must organize business seminars      and workshops and act as match makers for the Muslim would be investors,      Muslim skilled and unskilled workers and professionals.
  • This could be extended to the      foreign Muslim investors.
  • We should set up Psychological and      other professional consultants like, social and voluntary workers to      assist the people with various problems, marriage counselors, drug and      alcohol addicts, delinquent children and women etc.
  • We should even consider a match      making for Muslims.
  • Job searching, job training aid      for the retrenched workers must be considered.
  • We should give advice when there      is any dispute.
  • We should even consider assistance      between the various activities between landlords and the tenants, property      buyers and sellers.
  • We should even consider opening      business of retail shops, restaurants etc, for on-job training for the      Muslims.
  • Printing press, motor car and      motorcycle workshops are also good to provide on-job training.These should      be open to the non-Muslims also.
  • By these activities we could build      mutual understandind, mutual trust and it will lead to religious      tolerance.
  • There should be noboundry. Not      only inter racial and inter religious tolerance and understanding but we      need intra racial and intra religious unity and co-ope­ration. So called      pure Myanmar (Burmese) Muslims must work together with thoseMyanmar      Muslims preserving or leaning towards Indian subcontinent.
  • The ‘Council’ or Burmannized,      assimilated must co-operate with Tabligh side under the Mufti and      Maulavis. It is not the time to fight among our-selves. I wish to point      out one thing, even if we point the other side as Kalas or Indian Muslims,      the Burmese government would never consider us as Burmese. Even if someone      eat pork or enter the monkshood, they will call them ‘pork eating Kala and      Kala. Phongyi.
  • We should avoid extremism from      both sides. There must be a compromise. The other side must also shed the      extremist views. Should avoid differences by restraining from patty      fatwas. Islam is actually a social and family oriented religion. Even not      like the Buddhism, which advocate the monkshood and ignore all the worldly      things.
  • I myself like Tabligh activities      because it really cause the Islamic revival and but always feel uneasy      when they forced us to follow them for days or weeks. They are forcing      Muslims to ignore the real world of our business and families. Some of us      even hate this and pointed to the ignored families leftbehind. Why should      not we compromise. Islam never teaches us to ignore ourlove-ones, families      and business.
  • Tabligh-Muslim groups go around      the countries to call, invite, preach, teach and train Muslims. Founded in      1927 by Maulana Mohd. Ilyas (1886-1944), a Sufi from Delhi. In 1934, he      started a revivalist campaign, reminisce of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).      Invited to come and pray at mosques and participate in various religious      activities. Tabligh teaches that worldly affairs are subordinate to the      religious duties. Although no one could deny that Tabligh activities are      good, these are little bit at one end of extremism.
  • If the Tabligh leaders could      compromise, it will become a very good platform for Muslims in Myanmar. We      all should change for the benefit of all the Muslims in Myanmar.
  • Buddhism advocate the middle path,      “Myit Zima Padi Pada”. Confusious advised to take a moderate stand and to      avoid the extremism, “Zhong Yong”. In Islam, Al Baihaqui Hadith      relates:”The best way to conduct your affairs is to choose the middle      path.”
  • Muslims in Burma must stop nursing      bitterness about all those past and present injustices.
  • Resentment and hatred must not      allow to colour our heart to turn black. We must be magnanimous from now      onwards for our future progress.We all must control our extreme emotions      and desire for revenge. We must promote moderation, loving kindness and      care .

But forgiveness and loving-kindness must replace the revenge and hatred.

  • Our wisdom of the brain must      overrule the feelings of our heart.
  • In other words, “Our heads must      rule and control our Hearts”
  • The hatred and revenge will      ultimately leads to the endless circle of mutual violence and destruction      of both parties.
  • Let us stop the circle of hatred      and revenge.

To get a Myanmar Muslim Renaissance_

  • we must appreciate our roots,
  • ancestors,
  • religion,
  • our unity
  • and our co-operation.

If we have unity and correct aims and objectives, there is nothing we could not achieve.

We have to reverse our inferiority complexes,

  • wrong concepts,
  • thought of failures and behaviours.

We have to draw a proper strategy and implementation.

  • We must aim both for the      spiritual and material goals.
  • Peace and prosperity must come      together.
  • We must know and proud of our      roots.
  • No need to cover up or hide in      the cocoon of denial.
  • We have a very rich heritage to      be proud of.
  • We also have very big, great      genetic pool.
  • We are not the descendents of      an inferior -race or shameful religion.
  • We must know accept and      appreciate our own values.
  • No need to be shy to reveal or      to be seen as Muslims.
  • Do not care or shy or worry to      be called a Kala. No one can deny that ancient Myanmars especially the      Sakian or Thaki Wun Mins or “pure Burmese Kings’ blood relatives” were all      pure Indians and were fully qualified to be called Kalas. When those      Indians were mixed with the new migrants from China, all the present      ethnic Myanmar groups and races were formed. No need to call them back      Kalas (Indians) or Kala Pyet or Kala Dain or Pauk Phaws (Chinese) because      there is no profit inciting and making them angry.
  • So no need to be shy or fight back      with them.
  • Just keep in our heart that we      are not inferior race or religious group, but historically and morally      same as all other ethnic groups in Burma (Myanmar).
  • If possible, please try to avoid      mentioning these issues. Burmese Buddhists and other ethnic minority      groups are not able to accept or handle this truth.
  • The most racist of all in      Myanmar is our some of the Rakhine Buddhist brothers. We have to      understand them and should try to get their trust and friendship.
  • It is a very sensitive issue. Be      careful.
  • Actually we must co-operate and      coordinate with them in all the fields.
  • We need friendship not enemies.
  • There must be inter-religious      dialogues, discussions and seminars to increase mutual understanding and      to reduce the misunderstandings.
  • We must built a mutual trust on      each other.

Self improvement

  • All of us in Burma, Burmese as      well as Muslims have a respect for education.
  • Educated persons, teachers,      graduates, doctors and engineers are respected by the rich and the poor.
  • This respect transects the      boundary of race and religion.
  • So the education is not only a      passport of our future, as Malcom X had stated, but a short cut to gain      respect for a downtrodden and discriminated Muslims in Myanmar.
  • We must also have self-confidence.
  • In other way, this is a strong      mental power.
  • We must have a good destination, a      vision, believe that we could achieve it if we try hard.
  • We have to believe in our ability      and capability.
  • We must not only work hard but      must work smartly also.
  • Even if we fail, should not give      up, must try again after re–examining where we went wrong.
  • We must make the failures pillars      of our success. Perseverance, hard work, improving the skills while      working, continuous reassessments of the products or results or quality      control, always searching to improve or on going research and development      will definitely crown us with success.
  • We must appreciate our own culture      and religion.
  • We have to preserve the good      virtues and discard our bad die-hard habits if we want to improve      ourselves.
  • We must always search for the new      progressive ideas and methods and must continuously try and aim for the      improvement in the future.

Self-criticism is good.

  • It is better if we have the      service of good friends or relatives who are willing to give fair and      constructive criticism.
  • We must take all the criticisms,      whether we like it or not.
  • Even if it came from our enemies      or from the opposition.
  • We must never dismiss those      summarily as just the voice of dissent, mischievous persons finding      faults, or just criticized with bad intentions or lies, but must listen      and review all of them thoroughly.
  • These criticisms must be compare      with our self-evaluation of our achievements and failures.

There is almost always room for improvement.

We must be considerate to the others and the effects of our activities and decisions affecting others.

We must sometimes or if possible always try to look and think from their side.

If we, Muslims in Myanmar have a facility of the think tanks and brain storming sections, it will be very beneficial for us.

At least we should set up this kind of facility for the Muslims in Burma, it will be very good for us.

We must not forget a very popular saying:

“The wise are sometimes wrong, but the fools are always right.”

  • The wise are intelligent enough to      admit their mistakes and are willing to change.
  • Fools are so stupid to even know      that they are wrong.
  • They would never admit their      mistakes or willing to change.

We must always be ready, to accept the responsibility of our mistakes.

  • And must be willing to rectify,      apologize and face the consequence willingly.
  • We must come out with the      analysis: What? Where? How? Why? When? it, went wrong?
  • Denial and blaming others will      never chance the results or improve our positions.
  • We must always be mentally and      morally mature and strong enough to avoid the persuasions of the devil to      derail our course.
  • We have to control and avoid our      bad habits.
  • We must always have an open mind      and heart and always ready to accept if someone proves or convince that we      are wrong.

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    တကယ္​လို႔မ်ား …
    ရန္​ကုန္​ မႏၱ​ေလးစတဲ့ ၿမိဳ႕ႀကီးတိုင္​းရဲ႕ ALL D ထြက္​တဲ့ ၁၀ တန္​း​ေက်ာင္​းသား၊ Top 10 list ထဲက ​ေက်ာင္​းသူ​ေလး​ေတြထဲမွာ မြတ္​စ္​လင္​မ္​​ေက်ာင္​းသား​ေက်ာင္​းသူအမ်ားစု ျဖစ္​​ေနရင္​ …
    ႏွစ္​စဥ္​ႏွစ္​တိုင္​းမွာ ​ေဆးတကၠသိုလ္​၀င္​ခြင္​့ရ ​ေက်ာင္​းသူ​ေက်ာင္​းသား​ေတြရဲ႕ ၇၀ %​ေက်ာ္​ဟာ မြတ္​စ္​လင္​မ္​​ေတြ ျဖစ္​​ေနရင္​…
    ကြန္​ပ်ဴတာတကၠသိုလ္​​ေက်ာင္​းတက္​​ေနဆဲ ​ေက်ာင္​းသား​ေက်ာင္​းသူ​ေတြရဲ႕ ၈၀% ​ေက်ာ္​ဟာ မြတ္​စ္​လင္​မ္​​ေက်ာင္​းသား​ေက်ာင္​းသူ​ေတြျဖစ္​​ေနရင္​ …
    ျမန္​မာႏိုင္​ငံကို အမွန္​တကယ္​အက်ဳိးျပဳ​ေနတဲ့ ဆရာ၀န္​ အင္​ဂ်င္​နီယာ စာရင္​းကိုင္​ အမ်ားစုဟာ မြတ္​စ္​လင္​မ္​​ေတြျဖစ္​​ေနရင္​ …
    အားကစားက႑၊ ကိုယ္​ခံပညာ၊ ​ေဘာလံုး၊ လက္​​ေ၀ွ႕က​ေနစၿပီး က႑တိုင္​းမွာ မြတ္​စ္​လင္​မ္​မ်က္​ႏွာ​ေတြ မ်ားလာရင္​ …
    ​ေနာက္​ဆံုးအဆင္​့ ျမန္​မာ့တပ္​မ​ေတာ္​အတြက္​ သု​ေတသန Research Team member list ထဲမွာ မျဖစ္​မ​ေန ​ေခၚကို ​ေခၚယူအၾကံယူ​ေနရတဲ့ R & D Researchers ​ေတြထဲမွာ မြတ္​စ္​လင္​မ္​​ပညာ႐ွင္​​ေတြ မပါမျဖစ္​ပါ​ေနရတဲ့ အဆင္​့တစ္​ခုကို ႀကိဳးစားႏိုင္​ခဲ့ရင္​ …
    ခင္​ဗ်ားတို႔ ကြၽန္​​ေတာ္​တို႔ ဘာပဲ ၀တ္​၀တ္​၊ ဦးထုတ္​ပဲ​ေဆာင္​း​ေဆာင္​း၊ မုတ္​ဆိတ္​ပဲထားထား၊ ကြၽန္​​ေတာ္​တို႔ကို ႏိွပ္​ကြပ္​ရဲတဲ့၊ ကုလားလို႔ ​ေခၚရဲတဲ့၊ လက္​ညွိဳးထိုးရဲတဲ့လူ အလိုအ​ေလ်ာက္​ ​ေပ်ာက္​သြားလိမ္​့မယ္​။
    ကြန္​ျမဴနတီတစ္​ခုရဲ႕ ပံုရိပ္​ကို ျမႇင္​့တင္​​ေပးႏိုင္​တာ “ပညာ” သီးသန္႔ပါပဲ။ လူတိုင္​းကို အထင္​ႀကီး​ေစတာ၊ ပြဲလယ္​တင္​့​ေစတာကလည္​း လူတိုင္​းမတတ္​​ေသးတဲ့ “ပညာ” ကို တတ္​ထားျခင္​းပါပဲ။
    ဘာသာ​ေရးပညာနဲ႔အတူ ​ေခတ္​ပညာကို ယွဥ္​တြဲ​ေလ့လာကာ ​ေခတ္​ပညာကို ထိုး​ေဖာက္​ထြက္​ႏိုင္​သူ​ေတြ မ်ားလာ​ေလ​ေလ၊ ႏိုင္​ငံ့ဂုဏ္​ကို ​ေဆာင္​ႏိုင္​တဲ့ မြတ္​စ္​လင္​မ္​မ်ားလာ​ေလ​ေလ …. အဲဒီကြန္​ျမဴနတီအသိုင္​းအ၀ိုင္​းရဲ႕ ဂုဏ္​႐ွိန္​ဟာ ျမင္​့တက္​လာ​ေလ​ေလပါပဲ။
    ႏိုင္​ငံအတြက္​ တကယ္​အသံုးက်တဲ့လူ​ေတြအတြက္​ ဘာလုပ္​လုပ္​ အရာထင္​ပါတယ္​။ ႏိုင္​ငံကလည္​း ကိုယ္​့ကို တန္​ဖိုးထားမွာ ျဖစ္​သလို ႏိုင္​ငံ့အတြက္​လည္​း ကိုယ္​ဟာ အသံုး၀င္​​ေနသူတစ္​ဦးျဖစ္​​ေနမွာပါပဲ။
    ​ေခတ္​ပညာ + ဘာသာ​ေရးပညာ တြဲၾကပါ။
    8th April 2017
    2:38 a.m.

  2. Dr Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    Myat See Zar
    .”Life ”
    ကိုယ်က Life ရဲ့ အဓိပ္ပာယ်ကို ပဲ့တင်သံလို့ ရိုးရိုးလေးသတ်မှတ် ထားတယ် ဘဝမှာ ကိုယ် လုပ်ခဲ့သမျှတွေက ကိုယ့်ဆီပဲ့တင်သံ ပေး ပြန်လာတတ်လို့ပါ။
    အဓိပ္ပာယ် လေးဟာ တိုတိုနဲ့ ရိုးရှင်တယ် but real life ဟာ အလွန် ရှုပ်ထွေးတယ် ကြိုးစားခဲ့ရတယ် အလဲအကွဲ ပင်ပင်ပမ်းပမ်း ရုန်းကန်ခဲ့ရတယ်..ဖြတ်သန်း ခဲ့ရတဲ့ဘဝ အချိန်ဟာ မနေ့တနေ့ကလိုထင်ရပေမယ့်..နောက်လှဲ့မကြည့်စတမ်း
    ကြမ်းကြမ်းတမ်းတမ်း တဆင့်ချင် တက်လှမ်းခဲ့ရတယ်။
    ဒီနေ့ မြင့်မားတဲ့ ဘဝအခြေအနေရရှိ ပိုင်ဆိုင် ထားသူတိုင်းရဲ့ နောက်ကြောင်း ကို မေးကြည့်ပါ ဘယ်သူမှ့ အလွယ်မရခ့ြဲကဘူး တချိန်က အလဲအကွဲ ရုန်းကန် ကြိုးစားခဲ့ရလို့ဗျ့ ဘာတခု့မှ့ အလွယ်မရခဲ့ဖူးသူတွေချည်းပါ ကိုယ်တိုင် စနစ်တကျ တည်ဆောက် ကိုယ်တိုင်ရယူခဲ့ရသူတွေ။
    အောင်မြင်ခြင်း ကျရှုံးခြင်း ခဏ ခေါင်းထဲကမေ့ထားဘာပဲ လုပ်လုပ် တစိုက်မတ်မတ် လုပ်ဗျ့ လုပ်တဲ့ အလုပ်အပေါ် ဝတ္တရား ကျေ ဘယ်တော့ မှ့မလုပ်ရဘူးစိတ် ရင်းနဲ့လုပ်. လုပ်တဲ့အလုပ်အပေါ်သစ္စာ ရှိ ဟိုခုန် ဒီပြောင်း ခဏခဏ မလုပ်ရဘူး စိတ်ရှည် သီးခံ ဦးတည်ချက် ရည်မှန်း ချက်ပန်းတိုင် အပေါ် အရိုးသားဆုံး လျှောက်လှမ်း ခိုင်မာတဲ့ ဆုံးဖြတ်ချက် အတိုင်း မယိုင်လဲစေနဲ့ အရရုန်း ဖောက်ထွက် ဘယ်သူ့ လောင်းရိပ်မှ့ မမိစေနဲ့..မှားတဲ့ အမှားတွေထဲကနေ သင်ခန်းစာယူ အမှားပြင်ဆင် ကိုယ့်ကိုကိုယ် အပြစ်မတင်နဲ့ မှားမှ့ အမှန်မြင် ဘဝကို ပြင်ဆင် နိုင်လို့ပါ မမှားဘူးတဲ့သူဟာ ဘယ်တော့မှ့ အမှန်မမြင်နိုင်ဘူး။
    လွယ်လွယ် အထင်ကြီး မစောနဲ့ အထင်သေး မမြန်နဲ့ ဘယ်အရာကိုပဲ ဖြစ်ဖြစ် နှလုံးသားနဲ့ နားထောင် ဦးနှောက်နဲြ့ကည့်။
    ဘာသာတရားတွေ ကိုသက်ဝင်ယုြံကည် ပြီးမြတ်နိုးတန်ဖိုးထားသလိုကိုယ့်အမည်ဂုဏ်သိက္ခာနဲ့ကိုယ့်ကိုယ်ကျင့်တရားကိုမြတ်နိုးလေးစားတန်ဖိုးထား.သေးသေးလေးတောင်မလိမ်နဲ့မညာနဲ့။
    လွယ်လွယ် ဂတိမပေးနဲ့ လွယ်လွယ်ဘယ်သူ့မှ့ မယုံနဲ့ များများ နားထောင် ကိုယ့်ကို ကိုယ် ဘောင်းခတ် ပိတ်လှောင်မထားနဲ့ ကိုယ်ပိုင်ဉာဏ်နဲ့ ဆုံးဖြတ် စာဖတ်မပျင်းနဲ့ ပညာလို အိုသည် ပျိုသည် မရှိ။
    အလွယ်မချေငှားနဲ့ ငွေအကြွေ ပြားစေ့ လေးကစ တန်ဖိုးထား အမြင်အားဖြင့် ပြားစေ့ လေးဖြစ်ပေမယ့် ဒြီပားစေ့လေးထဲမှာ ကိုယ့်တန်ဖိုးတွေအများကြီးပါဝင်တယ်။
    ကူညီသင့် ကူညီ ထိုက်သူကို အပြတ်ကူညီ ပြီးရင် တခွန်းမှ့မဟနဲ့ လုံးဝမေ့ဖျောက်ပစ်။
    သူငယ်ချင်း မိတ်ဆွေ ကိူ ချစ်ရင် ပိုက်ဆံမချေနဲ့ ဖေးကာကူ ဝေးကာမျှ ။
    သံသယာ အကျိုး ညောင်ပင် ညောင်သီး ဘလာဘလာ ပေးပြီရင် ဘာမှ့ ပြန်မလိုချင်နဲ့ ခေါက်ထား။
    အတွေးကို မြင်ြ့မင့်ထား။
    ဘာမှ့ မရှိဘူးလား ”ကိုယ်ချင်းစာနာစိတ်” တခု့ပဲထား။
    အင်း… ဘဝဆိုတာနက်ပတ်သက်ဘီ ပထမက စိတ်ဖောက်ပြီ ပေါက်ကရ ရေးဘို့😁 ဗရမ်းဗတာ နက် ပေါက်ကရ မွှေတာတွေများဘီ မျောက်စိ့နောက်သူရဲ့လပို့စာမိအူးမယ်…အဟေ😁
    IT, ET ခေတ်ကြီးမှာ IQ မြင့်မားတဲ့ကိုယ့်ညီလေး နှမလေးများဟာ ကိုယ်တို့ ထက် ပိုတော်ကြတယ် နည်းနည်းလေးတည့်ပေးရုံနဲ့ ဖြောင့်ဖြောင့်မတ်မတ် လျှောက်မယ့်သူတွေပါ။
    ဘာသာ စကားတွေ လေ့လာသင်ယူထားတာကလည်းမမှားဘူး အထူးသဖြင့် အင်္ဂလိပ်ပေါ့ အရေးအဖတ် အပြော စနစ်တကျ လေ့လာသင်ယူထားတာမမှားဘူး အင်္ဂလိပ် စာမှာ ရိုးရိုး နဲ့ ရုံးသုံး အင်္ဂလိပ်ဆိုတာ ရှိတယ်
    ရုံးသုံးစာ ရေးနည်း သတင်းဘာသာပြန်မျိုးထိ တတ်ထားကြစေချင်တာပါပဲ..ငါတို့တိုင်းပြည်က,ကလေးတွေဟာ မညံ့ဘူး ပျက်နေတဲ့ တိုင်းပြည် ထဲနေရပေမယ့် ဦးနှောက်နဲ့ နှလုံးသားကိူ ဓားတလက်လို သွေးထား။
    တော်ပြီ မကောင်းရင် အလကား ကောင်းပြီ မတော်ပြန်ရင်လည်း သုံးစားမရဘူး တချို့တွေက လူတော်ပေမယ့် လူကောင်း မဟုတ်ဘူး တချိုြ့ကတော့ လူကောင်း လူတော်ဖြစ် ပေမယ့် မူလျော်ပြန်ရော၊ ဒီ.အချက်လေး ကိူလည်း ဘဝမှာအသေအချာ သတိထားသင့်တယ်။
    ဒါတွေ ဟာ နရှား
    ခံယူချက်နဲ့နရှားလက်ရှိ ဖြတ်သန်း လျှောက်လှမ်းနေတဲ့ Real life အစစ်ပဲ ဘဝဆိုတာ ပဲ့တင်သံတဲ့ဒါပါပဲဗျာ။
    With,Love @Shah

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