The limits of reform in Myanmar

Asia Times, January 18, 2012 On Myanmar’s attempt to improve its international image and assuage its many critics at home and abroad. [read the article at www.atimes.com]

Burma and Myanmar mean exactly the same thing

Mizzima, January 11, 2012 An expanded version of Bertil Lintner’s letter to the Financial Times following their change in editorial policy regarding the usage of Burma/Myanmar. [read the article at www.mizzima.com]

The limits of reform in Myanmar Burma and Myanmar mean exactly the same thing China-Myanmar: border war dilemma US-Myanmar: Engagement as nuclear pre-emption Realpolitik and the Myanmar Spring India-Myanmar: a half-built gateway China embrace too strong for Naypyidaw China behind Myanmar’s course shift Burmese change aplenty but it’s only skin deep Burma Delivers Its First Rebuff to China Book Review: Before the Darkness Toys for the boys in Myanmar Burma’s Leadership Change to Nowhere The Generals’ Celestial Mandate Fog lifts on Myanmar-North Korea barter Myanmar, North Korea in missile nexus Compound interest in Myanmar Farce follows tragedy in Myanmar Don’t Believe the Hype, All We Are Seeing Is The Illusion of Change US double talk on Myanmar nukes The Burmese Junta’s Latest Ruse The Generals’ Election Behold, beware Myanmar’s fourth empire UN ignores Burma junta’s drugs role Deception and denials in Myanmar Myanmar’s nuclear bombshell Burmese Election Show Reaching Out to Burma Clouded alliance – North Korea and Myanmar’s covert ties U.N. Mission to Nowehere Tunnels, Guns and Kimchi: North Korea’s Quest for Dollars – Part I Burma’s Nuclear Temptation Crisis and Response – Part II Book Review: Regrettable apology for Myanmar Book Review: Stamping Out History Myanmar back on a roadmap to nowhere A Charity’s Checkered Past Book Review: Doing Wrong to Do Good UN holds false hope for Myanmar India stands by Myanmar status quo Burma’s Latest Uprising China no sure bet on Myanmar Book Review: Tales from the Land in Between Putting the Boot In Myanmar’s generals hit where it hurts Death of a drug lord UN fiddles while Myanmar burns Burma: Tragedy in the Temples Book Review: Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma The Burmese Way to Fascism Book Review: Burma and Japan Since 1940: From “Co-Prosperity” to Quiet Dialogue Trade and Security Trump Democracy in Burma – Part I Facing the enemy within Goons of Rangoon: The Generals Who Would Be Kings Burma’s Warrior Kings and the Generation of ’88 Book Review: Perfect Hostage Squaring the Circle Book Review: The Odd Couple Book Review: The River of Lost Footsteps Myanmar’s 88 Generation comes of age Burma’s Lost World Myanmar and North Korea share a tunnel vision Book Review: Superstition, Rumor and Gun Law Burma: Too Much to Hide How not to Grant Autonomy Book Review: Burma and the KGB Book Review: The Wa Conundrum How World War II Shaped Burma’s Future Book Review: The Frontierslady Myanmar Payback Time Book Review: The Burma Campaign and Beyond Book Review: Rediscovering Orwell Burma: In the Dark Book Review: An Iron Grip Burma: Dangerous Bedfellows Burma: The military digs in for the long haul Burma: Black Sheep Book Review: Stranger than Fiction Book Review: Burmese Battleground Perspective: China and South Asia’s east Book Review: More Than a Game in Burma Burma: The Proof of the Pudding Burma: Land of Wiles Myanmar Gets a Russian Nuclear Reactor Friends of Necessity Political dialogue in Myanmar Myanmar: Optimism Fades Book Review: Burmese scholar drops integrity Book Review: His Story, not History China’s Ambitions in Myanmar The Politics of Headhunting in Southeast Asia Myanmar’s Chinese Connection Lord of the Golden Triangle Loss of Innocence

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