When you go home, Tell them of us, and say: For their tomorrow, We gave our today

At the KOHIMA WAR CEMETERY in Imphal, Commemorating the memories of the British and Indian (mostly Nepal and Punjabi) soldiers who died: “FOR YOUR TOMORROW WE GAVE OUR TODAY….”

Yes a lot of them give their lives to protect India and to liberalize Burma, Malaysia, and Singapore. Retreated badly shaped Japanese soldiers were attacked by Burmese Revolutionary Forces.

Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore should at least accept that we all are free because the Indian soldiers cut the head of Fascist Japanese, Burmese cut-off their extremities and USA forced the British to give Independence to its colonies so that they could trade freely.

The following was copied from here , The Kohima EpitaphIn March 1944, the Japanese 31st Division moved northwestward in Burma, swept through the Naga hills, invaded India, and fell upon Imphal and Kohima. Confidently the Japanese planned to press toward the India Plains. The Allies in the CBI Theater faced a disaster of monumental proportions unless the enemy was stopped.

A crucial battle ensued at Kohima where some 2,500 British Empire troops came under siege. They fought a formidable Japanese force numbering 15,000 soldiers supported by 10,000 ammunition laden oxen. For weeks the belligerents sparred in bloody artillery duels interrupted only by hand to hand skirmishes and bayonet attacks. Finally, after 64 days, amid terrible losses on both sides, the Japanese were beaten back.

They withdrew from Kohima. Japan’s dominance in northern Burma had begun its crumble. Understandingly, the determination and gallantry shown by allied troops in the Kohima siege was quick to become the subject of poem, song, and legend.

Today in the Kohima cemetery, among the 1,378 grave markers, is the famous Kohima Memorial with its historic inscription:

“When you go home Tell them of us, and say, For their tomorrow We gave our today”Kohima Epitaph


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3 Responses to “When you go home, Tell them of us, and say: For their tomorrow, We gave our today”

  1. Defeat Into Victory « Themself Says:

    […] When you go home, Tell them of us, and say: For their tomorrow, We gave our today (drkokogyi.wordpress.com)   « Folklore of Discworld |   […]

  2. Hank Says:

    I recently obtained my uncle’s b&w negatives from while he was stationed in India in 1945. There is one of a new cemetery along the Ledo Road filled with white crosses. The photo was clear enough, that doing a search of names and serial #’s, I was able to identify it as Kohima. Thanks for your photos.


  3. zabiekkung Says:

    Except for the initial lines all appear well. kohima war cemetery is in kohima, the capital of Nagaland state, and not in Imphal which is the capital of Manipur state. The states of Manipur and Nagaland are immediate neighbours. Imphal has a similar WW II cemetery but smaller in size and interestingly shares the same epitaph.

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