Origin of Myanmar language

Today I am shocked to read the words on my patient’s T shirt. He is a Malaysian Chinese and the words were the Nepali alphabetical charts. If we removed the lines above, it is similar to Myanmar alphabets, same serial order and the sounds (given in English) are also same. ka kha gha cga sa la wa tha ha …etc

Since I arrived here, 26 yrs ago, I noticed that there is a dozen of Tamil Alphabets similar to Myanmar. When I learnt that their basic language starts with Ah Ar Ei Eii Oo Ooo …etc exactly same as Myanmar, I was shocked. All come from India‘s BRAHMI Script.

Most of my pts in KL speak Cantonese dialect of Chinese. I decided to learn by heart, all I need to communicate with them and surprisingly once a learnt 100 sentences, phrases and some words in Cantonese; I could communicate without the translator. As my pts could speak some English and Malay….there is no much problem. 90-99% of pt never realize that I could not speak their language…..But the POINT I wish to highlight is not this. Amongst my very limited Cantonese words there are a lots of words similar both in sounding and meaning with Myanmar spoken language.

Actually when most of the ethnic groups of Myanmar came down from Southern China, we spoke the common SPOKEN LANGUAGE but we don’t have the written language. Only after we arrived Myanmar land, where the whole India and South-East Asia was under the influence of Indian travelers, traders and settlers, who taught us how to write down e.g. helping us by giving the WRITTEN LANGUAGE.

It is curious that most of the Malaysians and Indonesians never knew that there ancient written language was similar to Myanmar because they got those ancient alphabets from Indian Hindus’ Brahmi Script. Later with the arrival of Islam, they changed to JAWI or Arabic script. (Note Urdu, Pakistan Muslims also use the similar Arabic Script but spoken language is similar to Hindi.) But the modern Malay/Indonesia ROMANIZED their script.


ISO k kh g gh c ch j jh ñ ṭh ḍh t th d dh n p ph b bh m y r l v ś s h
IPA k ɡ ɡʱ ŋ c ɟ ɟʱ ɲ ʈ ʈʰ ɖ ɖʱ ɳ t̪ʰ d̪ʱ n p b m j r ɾ l ɭ ɻ ʋ ʃ ʂ s ɦ
Oriya ନ଼ ର଼ ଳ଼
Gurmukhi ਲ਼ ਸ਼
Brahmi Brah k.png Brah kh.png Brah g.png Brah gh.png Brah ng.png Brah c.svg Brah ch.png Brah j.png Brah jh.png Brah ny.png Brah t1.png Brah th1.png Brah d1.png Brah dh1.png Brah n1.png Brah t.png Brah th.png Brah d.png Brah dh.png Brah n.png Brah p.png Brah ph.png Brah b.png Brah bh.png Brah m.png Brah y.png Brah r.png Brah l.png Brah l1.png Brah v.png Brah sh.png Brah s1.png Brah s.png Brah h.png
Malayalam PNG Image
Burmese က ဉ/ည

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3 Responses to “Origin of Myanmar language”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    My cousin brother U Maung Maung Ko commented in my FB
    Almost all the countries ranging from East coast of India ( Including Panjab of Pakistan ) to very far east of Aisa Campucha….every country use the pronounce Ka Kha Ga Gha…even the very elderly people of remote Indonesian knows Ks Kha Ga Gha etc..evidence of Great Hindu Expension and surprising is that these Indians were nor Northen Indians…they are mostly TELEGU ( TALAING… ) There are six countries calling potato as ARR-LOO.
    My (KKG) reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telugu_people#History

  2. Seyhaktit Says:

    Perhaps this is my first time to see Burmese script!! It looks like art!!

  3. this blog Says:

    Wow, this article is fastidious, my younger sister is analyzing such things, so I am going to let know her.

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