We could learn more as a House Officer than as a Medical Student

It is better to increase the Houseman period to TWO years. When compare to just listening the lectures and reading alone, practical training and SUPERVISED practice would definitely equipt the Myanmar young doctors with useful skills. Dear HE PTK please think about this option. Med Students need not spend parents’ money for another 1 yr. They do not need to wait another yr to become a dr. And could earn salary and experience.

According to my experience, I had more than 120% of attendance. (Rector Prof. Dr. Than Win would definitely noticed because I attended their classes and lectures whenever I am free). Because of the emergency holidays my total period of student life was increased one year although I had never failed.  Further more because of the emergency 4 months holiday just before the Final Part 2 examination, which we used effectively by the group learning every day.

I am sure I had given more time for studies than the average Medical Students. Actually my brain is just average so to be able to compete with my very bright and IQ high classmates, I always tried harder than others.

But the POINT is: I believe that I learnt more in my one year housemanship than during my 8 yrs in IMM.

MOH or rectors could consider 4 months compulsory Housemanship in traditional Medicine, Surgery, OG and Paediatrics. And additional two 4 months posting of the Houseman’s choice (and availability of course) at Orthopaedics, A&E, Anaesthesia or other postings of their interest.

Above is my response or remarks to the following news from Dr. Kyaw Thura (ေဆးပညာမိသားစု)

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