Daryn teased me

My grandchild Daryn, teased me although her age is only 1 yr 9 mts.She likes the clock or watches and became affectionate or fascinated after watching the coo coo (Really called cuckoo but sound like Koo-Koo) bird coming out from the clock in her favourate Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland. (Pic source here)

Two days ago I was in the bed trying to fall asleep, Daryn came into my room, approach my bed and trying to take my alarm clock. Thida and Ma Khin try to persuade Daryn not to take but I took the clock and give her as I have another watch.

Daryn was too happy and I went near her to mimic the cuckoo sound. She also happily follow my voice with “cuckoo- cuckoo- cuckoo” but she changed it to Ko Ko-Ko Ko. At first I noticed that changing but thought that she mispronounced the words. But she looked at me with a smile and repeated cuckoo- cuckoo- cuckoo, Ko Ko and at last Ko Ko Gyi and U Ko Ko Gyi. Thida, Ma Khin and I were almost shocked because actually no one is calling me with this name in our house. Daryn used to call me Ah Pho or sometimes Pho Pho.

Actually she had already tried to tease me in the same way last week. I was not sure and thought that it was just a coincidence.

Daisy Duck is about to enjoy her birthday, and her pals are gearing up for her party. Donald Duck buys a very thoughtful gift: a cuckoo clock, complete with a cuckoo bird named — you guessed it — Cuckoo Bird. When Donald gets impatient and accidentally breaks the clock, the cuckoo escapes, prompting Mickey and Donald to search high and low for it. They find that they have fallen down a slide into an Alice in Wonderland-type world where they have to solve riddles to find Cuckoo Bird.

However, the lessons presented regarding telling time are well done, as are the lessons about having patience and being quiet rather than throwing tantrums. Both lessons are age appropriate. And Mickey is a good and reliable teacher. Disney fans will enjoy this addition to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse repertoire. (source)

NOTE:I hope, actually I am sure that Daryn never know the other meaning of Cuckoo: CUCKOO is “Mad, bonkers, crazy” by the InternetSlang .com  .

Slang . a crazy, silly, or foolish person; simpleton by the Dictionary.com.

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