U Thein Sein and Daw Suu must take firm action on anti-Muslim instigators and rioters

The incidents occurred recently by the so-called monks destroying Masjid are the double edge plots. These incidents were targeted not only to the Islam, but for the President U Thein Sein led Democracy Forming Government. No doubt that those behind these plots are hard liners.

All of the westerners are questioning that whether present government will turn back. It is also important for the whole country because Washington is watching the progress of the Burmese Government in order to lift sanction step by step. Present situation concerning with the Islam is the blow to Government. So it is need for the U Thein Sein Government to take proper action concerning with the incidents and to wipe the hard liners immediately in order to show sincerity to the world. If not, Muslim community have to send message to the entire world that present Government is not changing. We also ask NLD Leader Daw Aung San Su Kyi to stand firmly with the oppressed Muslims. We will not be satisfied with the petty condolence remarks. We also want to point out that so-called leaders of 88 Generation to release proper issue concerning with these incidents. Later, representatives of the concerning constitution have to put resolutions in the Parliament. First of all, all of the personals of Seng Taung, Kamma and Chief of the police force would be actioned.

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