Bamas should declare openly if they cannot grant equal rights to all the citizens

Most of the Bama’s in Military and NLD SEEN TO BE just wanting to have a “Bama Buddhist Empire” lording over all the other Minority Ethnic and Religious groups.

It is not important whether regarded as a တိုင္းရင္းသား OR not, there must be no dispute that all the citizens must be accorded the CITIZEN’S RIGHTS. If refused to give all the different citizens the EQUAL RIGHTS, don’t ever mention that NLD and government are aiming to change to democracy. Don’t bluff us and the world. Just continue to rule with the Military Dictatorship.

I am a Myanmar Muslim CITIZEN. If you cannot give EQUAL RIGHTS to us please kindly announce to the world, if you dare. Do not try to cheat the world.

Equal rights amongst all the Myanmar whether they are from Military or ex-military or တိုင္းရင္းသား, or Bama or Ethnic Minorities or from Religious Minorities or Burmese-Chinese or Burmese-Muslims or Rohingyas or Kabyars or mixed blooded people or even Kalars. Everyone must be equal under the law and no one person or group must be above the law.

If there are illegals amongst Rohingya, Myanmar government and UNHCR should tackle properly and fairly according the the Myanmar and International Laws. But for Myanmar Government CONFIRMED citizens, who called themselves as Rohingyas; they should get EQUAL RIGHTS with other Bama or Rakhines or any other citizens. I wish to advise Rohingyas to SUSPEND their claim as တိုင္းရင္းသား because if you could simply prove as Myanmar citizen, EQUAL RIGHTS for all citizens is the Democratic rights no one should or could say NO.

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