Buddhist TERRORISTS kill 9 Muslims in Myanmar violence

SOURCE: Buddhist vigilantes kill 9 Muslims in Myanmar violence

YANGON, June 4 – Buddhist vigilantes in western Myanmar attacked a passenger bus and killed nine Muslims, police said today, the deadliest communal violence in the tense region since a reformist government took power a year ago.

The bus was besieged near Taunggoke town in the western state of Rakhine yesterday evening by a group who blamed some of its passengers for the murder of a Buddhist woman a week ago, said local residents and politicians. One of those killed was travelling in a separate car.

Rakhine is home to Myanmar’s largest concentration of Muslims, but their presence is often resented by the Buddhist majority. The resentment is particularly sharp for Rohingya Muslims, whose roots date back to the 1820s when they were brought to the country as labourers by colonial power Britain.

Ko Kyaw Lay, a local Muslim and a human rights activist who belongs to an opposition party, said none of those killed were Rohingyas.

Police could not immediately confirm all of the details.

“An investigation is underway but I can’t give you any further details,” said a police official, who requested anonymity.

In a separate incident yesterday in Sittwe, the Rakhine capital, 10 people were shot and wounded when riot police tried to break up a protest, witnesses said. They said the rally by some 200 people was unrelated to the attack on the bus.

Protesters threw rocks at police, who responded by firing into the air and a 13-year-old novice monk was among those wounded, the witnesses said.

Myanmar is one of Southeast Asia’s most ethnically diverse countries, where sectarian and ethnic tensions still persist, despite a new political climate and broad reforms by a civilian-led government that says it has made peace and national unity a priority since it replaced a military junta 15 months ago.

In the case of the bus attack, Taunggoke resident Kyaw Min said the Buddhists “were angered by the authorities’ handling” of an attack on a woman who locals say was raped by several men and then killed. Just before Sunday’s attack, leaflets bearing a photo of the woman and describing the rape were distributed in the area.

Several residents, who asked for their names to not be disclosed, said the Muslims on the bus were not local and were on a visit to Rakhine state. They suggested those killed may not have been the perpetrators of the alleged gang rape and murder.


Residents were also on edge after the Sittwe demonstration. Shopkeeper Thein Kyaw said the protest erupted outside a police station after hired thugs attacked and detained local business operators who refused to pay over-inflated taxes.

Demonstrations were extremely rare under Myanmar’s former military rulers but are becoming more frequent as the public voices discontent over issues such as land ownership and chronic power shortages, which led to peaceful marches by hundreds of people in several towns and cities last month.

Legalisation of public protests is among reforms implemented by President Thein Sein, a former junta general.

But the speedy moves to liberalise are a test of security forces’ tolerance of dissent in the former Burma. The changing political landscape has also seen Internet and media censorship significantly reduced.

Hla Saw, Secretary General of the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, blamed the local government for “mismanagement” of the tax issue and said his party was due to meet state officials to try to resolve the conflict. – Reuters

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7 Responses to “Buddhist TERRORISTS kill 9 Muslims in Myanmar violence”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    We ALL need to CAMPAING at the International level and inside Myanmar to EDUCATE the Government to stop calling Kala, Kalar Muslims, Indians Bengalis etc. This is committing the Hate crime by Racial Profyling. ALL of us are CITIZENS of Myanmar and we must be accorded EQUAL RIGHTS. Ethnic CLEANSING will follow this.
    We know it is coming as even the State TV announced the news calling Kalar Muslims. Even now Myanmar Government is IGNORANT about Human Rights, Hate Crime rules, Racial Profyling and Genocide Concept. Call a citizen group as Kalas, Bengalis is amounting to committing the FIRST STAGE of 8 stages of GENOCIDE. STUPID BAMA BUDDHIST Tat Ma Taw government.
    The whole Myanmar is dosed by the Petrol of Hatred on Muslims in Myanmar: Indian, Bengali and Rohingya citizens of Myanmar, no wonder any accidental or deliberate flick of fire would denote this kind of response.
    Most of the Burmese on both side of political divide could not hide the feelings of deep seated hatred and antagonism toward all the Muslims in Myanmar. This is because of the repeated HATE CAMPAIGNS by radical hardliners which is never even tried to stop by governments. Even US Department of State had mentioned repeatedly in its Human Rights report in Burma. The copies of the 120 page long Anti-Muslim booklets which is titled, ‘We are afraid that our race will disappear’ and “Burmese Citizens Beware!” pamphlets are distributed in most of Myanmar nowadays.
    The whole book is written to demonstrate the anti-Muslim sentiment existing in Bamas and the authorities turning a blind eye, although realizing that this had lead to very dangerous and disastrous consequences and the pressure in Bama-boiler is increasing again and ready to explode.

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    Sack the person who wrote the MRTV4, the Myanmar Government’s official voice.
    Calling the Myanmar Muslims as Kalar Muslims is a Human Rights Crime.
    If scared to recognize as a Race, call us Muslim Citizens of Myanmar or Myanmar Citizens of Islamic Faith. We are citizens with equal rights with all other citizens of Myanmar.
    The news had given the wrong excuse of “MISUNDERSTANDING”.
    There is no misunderstanding nor any suspect that those killed were criminal rapists but we all know that they are religious people with the TABALIGUE group. They were killed just because they were MUSLIMS. Buddhists Terrorists just wait at the illegal road block on the highway passing their town and search the Muslims to kill. PERIOD.
    Myanmar Government should just stop giving excuse for the TERRORISTS.

  3. Aye Mar Says:

    Thank you so much for your clear explanation with your wisdom.

  4. Rabiya Basri Says:

    During British period many people within Indian subcontinent moved from one region to another within the continent, there are many Indians who are called as Tipra who are originally from Tripura of India live in Bangladesh, there are many Burmese who speak in Burmese language live in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh and there may be many Bangladeshi live in India or Pakistan or even Burma. , there are many Pakistani who live in Bangladesh too,, so this Migration happened long ago in the British period , it does not mean that we Bangladeshi will drive them out or we call them Indian , Pakistani or Burmese , they are now Bangladeshi and enjoying their identity as Bangladeshi, How illeterate we will be if we drive them out, now I doubt whether Burmese are literate or illeterate.. If u say others are occupying your country then look at Malaysia and Singapore these are occupied by Indian Hindu and Chinese Buddhists , they are working their driving away the Malays, and eating their properties. !!!

  5. Burmese hater Says:

    Buddhist in burma r real terrorists coz they r killing innocent muslim…if we started killing buddhist then will be nuke!! So stop killing muslim!!

  6. Burmese hater Says:

    So, islam is a religion of peace <3… The burmese army is the real terrorist

  7. Here we go again: another soldier stabbed - Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Liberals, Third Parties, Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Congress, President - Page 4 - City-Data Forum Says:

    […] Buddhist TERRORISTS kill 9 Muslims in Myanmar violence | Dr Ko Ko Gyi's Blog We start screwing around in Myanmar we will have Buddhist terrorists on our soil. Terrorism is the price of empire. […]

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