Suggested Reference of terms for the Commission of Inquiry

Reference of terms should include:
  1. Who is behind this plot?
  2. Is there any intention to topple the present government and derail the Democratic changes?
  3. Who is behind the distribution of HATE letters and HATE SPEECHES?
  4. ရခိုင္လူ သတ္မွဳျဖစ္ေအာင္ အဓိက မွိဳင္းတိုက္ေပးခဲ့တာကေတာ့ ရခုိင္သတင္းဌာန နိရဥၥရာပါပဲ။
  5. Why release U Wairathu, the Criminal who caused the Anti-Muslim Riots and killing of Muslims. He is the MAIN leader spreading HATE SPEECHES against Muslims and Christians.
  6. The dead body pic was wearing her longyi Thami neatly and tightly. The alleged murders were NOT charge with RAPE but robbery and murder. IF THE RAPE WAS invented to incite hatred, take action on all those CRY RAPE. Even U Wairathu was accusing ALL the Muslims and Religious leader for that.
  7. WHY ALL R from Rakhine and from Gov ADM. It is NOT an independent Commission. Is this a COVER-UP Commission?
  8. Call the UN HR Investigator to lead this COMMISSION.
  9. Since 1974 General Ne Win started to call Burma‘s Muslims as Kala Dein, Kalar, Mi Ma Sitt Pha Ma Sitt, started Racial Profiling. Leter Nagamin lead to expelling Rohingyas. All the following Anti-Muslim Riots should be investigated.

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One Response to “Suggested Reference of terms for the Commission of Inquiry”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    Myanmar to probe Muslim deaths
    Friday, Jun 08, 2012

    Yangon – Myanmar’s government has appointed a minister and senior police chief to head an investigation into the killing of 10 Muslims by a Buddhist mob that has stoked communal tensions in the country’s Westernmost State.

    The government has been quick to respond to Sunday’s killings by a group of vigilantes who were angered by reports of a recent gang rape and murder of a local woman, allegedly by Muslims in predominantly Buddhist Rakhine State.

    The new reformist, civilian-led administration says national reconciliation and unity is one of its top priorities and its success in striking ceasefires with all but one of the country’s ethnic minority rebel groups may have played a part in the recent suspension of most Western sanctions.

    It took the unusual step of announcing the probe on the front pages of several State-controlled newspapers yesterday after a protest here and anger on social media about the brutal killings and the media’s reporting of the incident.

    The 16-member committee, headed by the Deputy Interior Minister and second-in-command of the police, was given until June 30 to determine the “cause and instigation of the incident” and pursue legal action.

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