Martial Law is one form of RULE by LAW not a Rule of Law

My best friend sent a message:

DASSK recently voiced about “Rule of Law” or “Law & Order”.

She also mentioned that majority should respect minorities.

With all respect to her, I think this is not enough. We need to add more, based on our experience.

We have witnessed “ State Law and Order Restoration Council/ SLORC” . Does she mean that situation? Definitely not. In order to have meaningful “Law & Order”, I believe prerequisites (preconditions) need to be achieved first. Otherwise keeping “Law & Order” necessitate shooting people by armed security.

Prerequisites for meaningful “Law & Order” :

a. Inclination towards Peace- propel should be willing to live in peace whether they are Muslims, Bhama or Rakhine. The state has the responsibility to advocate such attitude and need to create such environment.

b. Empathy towards minorities ( e.g Rohingyas): Empathy (D. M. Berger, WiKi) means “The capacity to know emotionally what another is experiencing from within the frame of reference of that other person, the capacity to sample the feelings of another or to put one’s self in another’s shoes. In Burma, nobody wants to deal with Muslims of Northern Arakan. They may be Rohingya or Bengali or Illegal or Guest…whoever. but no one gave any solution to their livelihood. They are in nowhere. The state has the responsibility to deal with them in positive manner. The state and other people in state must have “ empathy” on those people.

c. Bulding Trust among different entities: Rkhines and Muslims ( Rohingyas and as well as Bengalis) lived together for several centuries. Rakhines are living in Bangladesh now with full rights and nobody talks about that. Even Narinjara is operated by Bangladeshi Rakhines from Dhaka. Muslims and Rakhines had no remarkable conflicts except one in 1942, which was due to power vacuum during Second World War. Rakhines and Muslims are still living together in the whole Arakan as well as in Bangladesh. However one thing is terribly missing, which is TRUST. Needless to say that Rakhines are chauvinist but the main factor seems to be Burmese government through the history. The state never attempted to build trust between Rakhines and Muslims, instead, continuously tried opposite.

d. Legislate and enforce but failed to Educate “ Law and Order” : Burmese governments are notorious on enforcing law and order but seldom motivate or educate to understand and respect law and order.


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