To Mr James Mmt (Maung Maung Than) with love

To Mr James Mmt (Maung Maung Than) with love,

Congratulations for the very good impressive Cyber-trooper job for the hard line Myanmar Military’s radical group.

Congratulation again for the your success in the unrelenting spread of Hate Speeches against Islam, Muslims in Myanmar and especially on Bengali and Rohingyas.

Regarding this recent Riots, I wish to declare that as a good citizen of Myanmar, I am against the illegal immigrants irrespective of race and religion. And I am always ready to defend our beloved Myamar if there is any Foreign Invasion from any country including Bangladesh.

But please stop the selective prosecution and there must be transparency in law enforcement.

But you Mr James Mmt and the Myanmar Military Cyber-troopers must take responsibility for the Collateral damage suffered by the Rakhines, Bengali Buddhists, Bengali Hindus and Bengali-Myanmar.

I had seen your, FB James Mmt’s, hate speeches on the FB numerous times. You are stubborn, radical and writing hard-line-one-sided views on Muslims in Myanmar especially on Myanmar-Bengali and Rohingyas.

You, FB James Mmt is labeling ALL Rohingyas and Bengali mixed blooded Myanmar citizens as illegal migrants need to be expelled out of Myanmar. You even blamed the Muslim citizens of Myanmar for the alleged crimes on Buddhists committed in Afghanistan and in other parts of the world. He wrote extensively about the ISLAMOPHOBIC views based on his wrong facts, imaginary stories and fake world history.

I am a Lone Ranger HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST but not the terrorist, gangster or HATE SPEECH writer or Instigator of Racial Riots like you, (FB) James Mmt and most of the Radical online-Buddhists. I hereby declare that I have no links to any TERRORIST groups e.g. Al Qaeda.

And at last, you defamed me, accusing wrongly using my full name and my residence country, Malaysia. You accused that I am inciting the Bengalis in Myanmar to use the spirit of Muslim Brotherhood. You wrongly accused me as if I am controlling and instigating the (Rakhine) Moulavis.

The worse that you wrongly accused me REPEATEDLY was as if I am a leader of the worst criminal gang, “Salayang Gang” which you falsely blame without any basic aorta of truth as the culprit of killing Myanmars in Malaysia. This is a very serious allegation you have wrongly made on me and could be defined as Criminal Defamation. You even accused me of covering the cunning and wicked mind with religion by using Allah and Islamic Faith.

You wrongly accused me of turning the Rohingya issue into Islam issue when the real truth is Rohingyas are persecuted because they are Muslims. You accused furthermore that as my allegedly affiliated groups are trained as terrorists, we could even harm Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

You even blamed back the International Myanmar critics and Muslims inside Myanmar are pretending not to see my (bad) deeds and are keeping quiet.

You all are COMMUNIST (allied strongly with China, North Korea and Russia) linked TERRORISTS wing of Myanmar Military and are even accusing us as if we have link with Al Qaeda. For your information, all of my links are civilized non-terrorist countries e.g. US, EU, Malaysian authorities, OIC and Muslim NGOs in Malaysia.

And I hereby wish to inform you and all the Myanmar Military Cyber-troopers that I have informed the relevant authorities about you, Mr James Mmt (Maung Maung Than), committing repeated wrong accusations, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION and criminal intimidation on me.

They all know the truth but we (including me) wish to wait and record all the evidences first. Be-careful that if you failed to repent and stop all these nonsense postings, you could be prosecuted for the criminal defamation on me and inciting and instigation with hatred that leads to the CRIMES against Humanity, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide.

You, FB James Mmt is repeatedly and consistently writing and spreading hate speeches on your FB, committing or inciting racial and religious riots. Your activities promoting Crimes against Humanity, Ethnic Cleansing and could be tried in ICC with Genocide crimes.






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