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Myanmar Government seems to be trying to hide the number of actual deaths and damages of Muslims and Rohingyas

June 26, 2012
Arakan Conflict: The Rates of Death and Displacement Can Be Much Higher By MMSYYangon – The Arakan conflict in western Burma might have taken many more lives than the official report of 50 plus deaths. According to sources from Arakan state, more Rohingyas have been killed, but an exact number of deaths and displaced people is difficult to obtain as the government has barred journalists and relief organizations from visiting various places.

Blessing in disguise: R Ba Pe proposed but God disposed.

June 26, 2012

In my Final Part 2 Medical, short case, Professor Reggie Ba Pe was my examiner and I got the paraplegic patient.

We all know that in CNS cases like this, if not well prepared the candidate could easily fail.

But for me in addition to my good preparation and extra four months’ revision just before examination had given me plenty of times to even review the prescribed text book Davidson for seven times. (I used to read cover to cover including foot notes)

I have a good luck of coaching on these CNS cases esp. PARAPLEGIA by about half a dozen of the BEST lecturers: Prof. Dr Daw Myint Myint Aye, Dr U Kyaw Myint, Dr U Mg Mg Wint, Dr Daw Ma Ma Gyi, Dr Than Yin Mar, Dr U Kyaw Hla and others.


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