Is Myanmar going down the drain?

In my point of view, it’s yes and it’s going down very fast. Moreover, many people ignore to prevent and protect those who are pushing Burma down the drain and it’s likely being seen in the arena of Burma politics, many more are consciously or unconscious, directly or indirectly supporting it. Those pundits of politics who always like to point out whether things are politically correct or not are also surprisingly silent. This is not a good omen.

We all know the notorious system of apartheid in South Africa, segregating people based on their ethnicity. Who can’t go to which place, can’t take which transport, can’t go to which school, and can’t go into which career and so on. For the good of the country or any society, there’s no doubt and no brainer that different society must work together. Apartheid is a very disgusting and inhumane ideology and it has no place in today’s world; let’s forget about asking for it and propagating it, even accepting that system is extremely horrible.

However, in our country Burma, there now exists a political party that openly demands this system of apartheid and segregation. For 2 days waiting for any voice from any political leader or any ethnic leader, or any religious leader or any human right activist or any governmental or non-governmental organization, but in vain, there’s none. Nobody voice up this is a disgusting, horrible and sicken, atrocious and terrible thing. So the question comes is Burma going down in the drain. (Not to those who do not know the press release of RNDP yet.)

On RNDP’s press release 04/2012 dated 2012 May 25, sending back the illegal immigrants to their original country is not wrong and it’s acceptable. But regarding 6(b), instead of “taking legal actions against those criminals and lawbreakers, and working out to reconciliation and peaceful co-existence of all citizens”, the RNDP demands to segregate the Arakanese Buddhist and other Muslims (mostly Bengali descents) by separating the Muslims away from their places. Those Burmese political, ethnic, social, religious and business leaders should answer what is this if not apartheid. Though they know this sicken and awful press release demand, being silent, and not condemning openly is certainly concerting to it and it’s a historical liability on all Burmese leaders. If in future, if there’re any similar occurrences, conquering the houses and businesses of different ethnic and religious minorities, how are the Burmese political leaders going to handle this issue?

It shows that those who demanding this kind not only understands the value of democracy and human rights, but also no intention of practicing any of it.

Leaders should learn from the lessons of Bosnia, Rwanda and alike. Prevent before it get worse. Get the country on the right path. The democracy-skinned quasi-civilian government who’s trying to get their head up again should try to work hard for national reconciliation in truth manner.

Daw Suu said today in France that this is a rare opportunity in 50 years and need to make use of it correctly. If not, Burma again will go down in the drain. Just another 50 years.

Aung Tin
June 28, 2012

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