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Ramdan Mubarak

July 19, 2012

Myanmar Muslims’ request to Myanmar government

July 19, 2012

Myanmar Muslims just need to request (actually DEMAND) Myanmar government:

1. To draw a Race relation act. (Myanmar National Harmony Act)

To totally stop HATE SPEECHES. In the books, pamphlets, political statements, in the MMS Main Stream Media, other print media and online Media and various postings on the Internet, eg blogs, Face Book and comments etc..Actually need to enact a law to criminalize various kinds the above mentioned Hate Speeches.

2. To stop Racial Profiling and calling derogatory names on any group with the names they could not agree or dislike.3. To give Equal Rights for all the citizens.4. To respect Human Rights of all the citizens.5. To Amendment the Myanmar Citizenship Law 1982 especially with the view on difficulties of Myanmar Muslims in getting National Registration Cards.

We need to educate the Myanmar Government, Tatmadaw, NLD, all the people of Myanmar about these.  All of the above should be written in Burmese and English.

Although most of us would not like or hate or deny to associate with the GENOCIDE, we need to read and publicize the gist of Eight Stages of Genocide.

If Myanmar Government failed to respond to our above FIVE REQUESTS, there is a real danger of accidental Genocide attempt on Muslims of Myanmar in the near future.

Dua e Qunoot အထူးရုိက်ိဳးဆုပန္ျခင္း ဒုအာအ္ ကုႏူသ္

July 19, 2012

ဆရာ ျငိမ္းခ်မ္းလုလင္ ရဲ့ ဘာသာျပန္ပါ


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