EU takes diplomatic action to end massacre of Muslims in Myanmar

Source: EU takes diplomatic action to end massacre of Muslims in Myanmar

The European Union is carrying out diplomatic initiatives in order to stop the massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, the Anatolia news agency reported on Sunday.
The EU had reduced some of its political and economic sanctions on Myanmar earlier this year after several political prisoners were released from prison and the opposition was permitted to join elections. Myanmar’s government wants to make use of the EU’s tariff-free import procedures for poorer countries.

The EU has attached more importance to the issue of tariff-free imports after Myanmar assured the International Labor Organization (ILO) that it would end forced labor in the country by 2015. Most of the people subject to forced labor in Myanmar are Muslims.

Amnesty International said last week that Muslim Rohingyas are increasingly being targeted in violent attacks that have included killings, rape and physical abuse. Amnesty International also accused both security forces and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists of carrying out new attacks against Rohingyas, who are seen as foreigners by the ethnic majority and are denied citizenship by the government because it considers them illegal settlers from neighboring Bangladesh.

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