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It is time for all OIC member countries to give early warning to two Communist countries, China and Russia not to use veto during UNSC Syria and Myanmar votings

August 10, 2012
  1. It is time for all OIC member countries to give early warning to two Communist countries, China and Russia not to use veto during UNSC Syria and Myanmar votings. Warn them that if they want to give normal votes anything is OK, all right, whether: support, against or abstain but not to use veto power.
  2. It is a common knowledge that China and Russia are using veto during UNSC meeting on Syria to stop the UN, US, EU and friendly countries from taking action.
  3. Myanmar is also the best friend of those two Communist countries and is counting on them to protect if there is any UNSC discussion and voting.
  4. Both China and Russia had a very bad history of abuse and persecution on its Muslim citizens viz: Chechnya and Xingjian.
  5. But those China and Russia have a lot of interests, trade and investments in many Muslim countries.

It is good for the OIC Muslims’ future if they could cooperate more withUN, US, EU, Australia and democratic countries


Jago wake-up teams in Myanmar during Fasting month Ramadan

August 10, 2012

During Ramadan, in the small towns and big villages with the significant Muslim populations, the Burmese Muslim youths organize the singing teams called Jago (in Urdu and Hindi) meanings, wakeup. Jago teams usually do not have any musical instruments except for some playing harmonica mouth organs.[17] They go around at the early hours of the morning, to wake up the fellow Muslims for Sahur (pre-dawn meal) before fasting.


Don’t worry Myanmar Muslims and Rohingyas, our time will come

August 10, 2012

Many Myanmar Muslims and Rohingyas are depressed, confused and have no much hope in Myanmar. Many of them tried to derail the well planed onslaught of repeated attacks on Islam in Myanmar. We all know this old episode of “Anti-Muslim Riots film” would be repeated PRN by the successive Military Dictators including the present Government.

(Pro re nata is a Latin phrase meaning “in the circumstances” or “as the circumstance arises. It is commonly used in medicine to mean “as needed” or “as the situation arises.)

Last Eid Gyi (Hari Raya Haji) I had a good conversation with Mr. Bertil Lintner. He told us that he came to do research on Rohingyas KL because strongly believe that Myanmar Government is going to commit a VERY BAD atrocities on Rohingyas and Myanmar Muslims soon.

Many Muslims tried to stop this by various means but Islamophobic Propaganda Hate Speeches are churned out by the Myanmar Main Stream Media, Internet, Monks’ sermons, freely distributed books, booklets and Pamphlets.

My Muslim friends and brothers even try to engage with some Sayardaws and famous monks. But one monk who was jailed for Anti-Muslim activities could not pretend long and shown his colors and repeatedly campaigned with the Hate speeches against Islam.

Muslims tried to avoid confrontations but the world has seen the dirty, low standard abusive languages used on line. But Myanmar Muslims are bombarded with verbal insults and physical insults every day like been spit ‘accidentally’ but frequently with sliver or with “Kone Thwe” or betel nut juice.

This post is written to my Muslim friends who are confused and depressed.

May I repeat the old story I have written earlier….

Mongol Tartars went to attack Iran, Iraq, Turkey up to Palestine and killed about 2-3 million Muslims there. Married their wives and daughters of killed Muslims…..How bad? Why Allah allowed these atrocities?

The Muslim wives CONVERTED those wild Mongols into Muslims…

Because of those Muslim we have Former Russian Central Asia Muslim countries, Chechnya, Chinese Muslims…and the Moghul Empire Indian Muslim, Pakistan, Bangladesh Muslims and up to Myanmar Muslims. Allah removed the corrupted weak Muslims and replaced with strong powerful Muslims.

PLEASE do not misunderstand that I am telling Rohingyas are not good. Even if Yangon and Mandalay are developed like Singapore and KL Buthitaung and Maungdaw would be the same undeveloped back water places. At least now many Rohingyas are in developed countries.

Now Rohingyas are the Palestinians of Asia. May be seedlings of Islam spread around the world. Some are poor but there are a lot of well to do, well connected professionals and businessmen around the world.

Just look at my life, although I had an excellent academic record I was not allowed to even do Internal Masters. DGME (Director General of Medical Education) openly told that they could not give a Kala (That was at the end part of Ne Win era. But before that time and after Ne Win resigned and the military coup, they started to allow Muslims to do post graduate again). Nowadays my classmates and junior doctors are already in high places and posts like Vice President, Ministers, DGs, Directors, Rectors, Head of Departments etc.

Now only I realized that if Allah had just given me that MSc, I would be stuck and rotten in Burma. Now even if I were offered a time machine and give a second chance giving me the postgraduate degree and a minister’s post I would not change place.

Shukur Alhamdullilah, not because I am rich, I am free and can do all these works for the downtrodden brothers back in Myanmar. My children and especially grandchildren are no more suppressed with the invisible (in Myanmar it is obvious) glass ceiling above their heads.

So we all have to remember this, “Man proposes and Allah Disposed” We try our best with good intention, Allah will decide for us. Now I realized that there are a lot of blessings in disguises even in my short lifespan.

Allah knows the BEST!

May Allah protect all our Muslims in Myanmar and give good health, education, wealth and peace. Ameen.

  • Kamal Hussein Dear Dr U Ko Gyi, coz of king bodaw’s sin, burma fell under British x 100 yrs
    about an hour ago via mobile · Unlike · 1
  • Ko Ko Gyi Now, if they dare to continue these atrocities….they themselves would trigger the Bosnia Style invasion bu UN led forces and freeing of all the Ethnic Minority states and Muslims and change to Daw Suu led REALLY democratic much smaller NEW Burma.
  • Kamal Hussein exactly dr. Burma is allergic to democracy and development. hence balkanization is ineitable as mentioned by min zin in irrawaddy magz

Should Burma as an Islamophobic, racist and openly anti-Muslim country be allowed to chair ASEAN?

August 10, 2012
  1. Burma – the new chair of ASEAN – is anti-Islam and anti-Muslims.
  2. It is openly killing Myanmar Muslims and Rohingyas in Rakhine.
  3. It has done numerous Anti-Muslim Riots in other parts of Myanmar.
  4. It’s people are openly against Islam.
  5. All the insults and attacks are public.
  6. In ASEAN, there are three predominantly Muslim countries. One of them, Indonesia, is the largest Muslim country in the world (in term of population)
  7. Malaysia and Brunei are Muslim dominant ASEANs.
  8. In other ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines also have significant Muslim populations.

Should Burma as an Islamophobic, racist and openly anti-Muslim country be allowed to chair ASEAN?

I don’t think so!

Sent from my anonymous friend

Please read this: Persecution of Muslims in Burma in Wikipedia


Rakhine Buddhists are copying the mass killing methods of Bayint Naung’s Bama soldiers

August 10, 2012

Rakhine Buddhists are copying the mass killing methods of Bayint Naung’s Bama soldiers in Thailand, Rakhine and on Ahong Shans in Eastern Indiamintun @ ko minn minn tun commented on my blog

Ruwanga fara or ( Rohingya village) was also burnt and damaged. Amongst the people who tried running away to escape, about 70 persons including the women and children were killed with knives, machetes, irone spikes and spears. Small toddlers and some infants were thrown up into the air and waited with knives below to cut and kill. (more…)

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