Jago wake-up teams in Myanmar during Fasting month Ramadan

During Ramadan, in the small towns and big villages with the significant Muslim populations, the Burmese Muslim youths organize the singing teams called Jago (in Urdu and Hindi) meanings, wakeup. Jago teams usually do not have any musical instruments except for some playing harmonica mouth organs.[17] They go around at the early hours of the morning, to wake up the fellow Muslims for Sahur (pre-dawn meal) before fasting.

They take the tunes of popular Hindi movie songs and replaced with Burmese lyrics and words about Fasting, do and don’ts in Islam and about the benefits of Namaz or Salaat.[18] These songs could be called Qawwali. The children and even the adults like to listen to them and sometimes invited them for food.

Sometimes those Jago group went around visiting the Muslim houses on the Eid day. Many people welcome them, treat with foods and donate for the team with Eidi or Duit Raya.

In small villages and towns with few Muslims, the neighbours wake up each other or sometimes paid someone to go round waking up the Muslims.

One of that Jago Wake up group from Mandalay’s Chan Aye Thar Zan (East, Mid and West quarters), started in 1947, grow bigger to become a big organization for general broad welfare called Neikban Zaw Welfare Organization.[19]

From my original posting in Wiki. As you know they used to edit or delete, sometimes with good intention but there R Racist Myanmar Cyber-troopers who constantly attack my Islamic articles in Wikipedia.

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