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Sincere request to the Myanmar President U Thein Sein

August 15, 2012

Sincere request to the Myanmar President U Thein Sein, Defense Minister, Home Minister Election Commission Chairman and Hmu Zaw:

After the various investigations, all of you should have clearly known the details of the atrocities committed by Separatist RNDP led by Dr. Aye Maung in Rakhine Riots.

If you fail to arrest and take action on those ‘War crime Criminals from RNDP, who committed ‘Crimes against Humanity’, you all could be held guilty with abetting and concealing the crimes, according to International and Myanmar Criminal Laws.



Fears after inter-ethnic violence in Burma

August 15, 2012

Please open this link to view the video>>>Fears after inter-ethnic violence in Burma
In Burma, following an alleged case of rape against a Buddhist girl retaliation against Muslims has led to ethnic clashes with many of the Muslim community

Dr. Kamal Hussein’s open letter to the President U Thein Sein

August 15, 2012

Dr. Kamal Hussein

Dear President Thein Sein,

Your gesture to open school to Rohingya is good but you still have a tune of discriminatory remark on Rohingya. I can challenge that that average IQ of Rohingya children not less than average Burmese and definit
ely much better than Burmese politicians.
Have you ever offered to open schools for Karens or Kachins? Your forces are killing them just because they did not go to school and do not understand well about you?
Mr President, you are just beating about the bush once under pressure. Please do not link recent strife to blame education level of Rohingyas. Give Rohingya a chance and they will be the top scorers in your Universities as we did in the past!!! This is your ultimate worry I guess!!


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