Open letter to my dear Rohingya brothers and sisters

Dear Rohingya brothers and sisters,

I hereby wish to give a sincere advise to all of you not to be too pragmatic but to practice a softer approach of give and take policy with Myanmar Government as the so called Democrats from NLD and 8888 are useless for you as they are blinded with Ultranationalism. They are still in a daze and standing on the neutral line when they are out-maneuvered and caught man-off in the political game.

Just read the President U Thein Sein’s VOA interview. He is clearly INDICATING that, they do not wish to recognize Rohingya BUT would recognize all of you as Bengali, willing to give the National Registration cards, give FULL citizenship and Human Rights.

Rohingyas need to help the President save his face by graciously agreeing and accepting to be falsely labeled or listed as Bengalis.

I hope you should accept this temporary name they give. At the later politically more stable time only and after getting legalized, you could declare your wish to change back to your preferred name, Rohingya.

After all “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a commonly quoted part of a dialogue in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet argues that the names of things do not matter, only what things are.



2 Responses to “Open letter to my dear Rohingya brothers and sisters”

  1. Saeed Says:

    please share and sign this petition:

  2. maung maung Says:

    Do u think that U Thein Sein is Sincerity?Rohingy are being persecuted because they are Muslim. Muslim general are being call as Kalar the same as Rohingya. No destroyed mosque has been allowed to rebuilt in Burma. So many Bangali muslim in Karen state, Mon State, and many part of Burma are not having National ID card. Why? Rohingya become buffer for all Muslim communities in Burma and Ultra-nationalist of Burma will attack the rest of Muslim if Rohingya are wipe out from Arkan. They will only stop if their forefather dream of free muslim Burma.

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