Tun Dr M, Dr Zar Ni, Tan Sri Razali Ismail,Dr. Surin, AI, HRW, UNHCR and others searching for solution for Rohingya

Source: Plight of the Rohingya : Solution?


“International efforts in addressing the suffering of Rohingya – the role of NGOs and Civil Society”

Date: 17 September 2012 (Monday)

Time: 9am – 6pm

Venue: Auditorium, Islamic Arts Museum, Jalan Perdana, Taman Tasek Perdana (opposite the National Mosque)

Keynote Address by

YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia & President of Perdana Global Peace Foundation

Plenary Session 1

Tan Sri Razali Ismail
Former Special UN Representative to Myanmar (Moderator)

Mr Benjamin Zawacki
Consultant, Former Researcher
Amnesty International

Mr Matthew Smith
Human Rights Watch

Dr. Maung Zarni
Civil Society and Human Security Unit
London School of Economics

Mr Jacob Zenn
International Affairs Analyst, Washington DC
Formerly at UNCHR Malaysia

Luncheon Address

HE Dr. Surin Pitsuwan
Secretary General of ASEAN

Plenary Session 2

Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Rais Abdul Karim
Former Vice Chancellor UPSI & Acting Secretary General PERKIM (Moderator)

Ms Chris Lewa
Director of the Arakan Project

Dr. Sriprapha Petcharamesree
Office of Human Rights Studies & Social Development, Mahidol University, Thailand

Mr Saiful Huq Omi
Equal Rights Trust Research Consultant

Dr. Abdulllah Ahsan
JUST International

Presentation of Resolution

Tan Sri Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak
Former Secretary General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia & Trustee of PGPF (Moderator)

NGOs Asia
NGOs  Other Countries

For more info on the conference please email to us at admin@perdana4peace.org

>>Click to download pdf version of invitation card

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One Response to “Tun Dr M, Dr Zar Ni, Tan Sri Razali Ismail,Dr. Surin, AI, HRW, UNHCR and others searching for solution for Rohingya”

  1. Alan Kok Says:

    Hi Dr KoKoGyi,

    You can only trust Tan Sri Razali Ismail, the rest, particularly Mahathir you can forget about them. They will only help if there’s
    rewards or benefits.

    Alan Kok

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