The Kachin activist is rightly cursing out of outrage at the Nobel prize winner ASSK

I agree with my friend Dr.Maung Zarni who shared Khun Nawng‘s photo.

If you think a Kachin activist cursing out of outrage at the Nobel prize winner ASSK, using four letter words, is “harsh” try taking bullets from the barrels of the guns of the Burma Army troops commanded by her political partners.
Here is an example that attests to the level of outrage against the Lady who is seen increasingly pursuing her own power-aspiration while strengthening her strategic symbiosis with the murderous regime in Naypyidaw.
My comment>>>
It may be harsh for others but NOT for the Hypocrite DASSK the leader of so called democrats….When the persons like Dr ZN who is struggling and fighting tirelessly w/o any awards…I just want to ask you back…Is she worthy of all the following awards…which is increasing daily?
If you think she is WORTHY of the sacrifices and works….just compare them with the above criticism. She need to practice what she preached. Are you stating that she is scared to tell the truth like a normal politician? Freedom from fear should be rephrased Freedom from COURAGE.

1. Honorary Fellow St Hugh’s College (Oxford, UK) 1990

2. Thorolf Rafto Human Rights (Norway) 1990

3. Sakharov Freedom of Thought (European Parliament) 1991

4. Nobel Peace Oslo, Norway 1991

5. Honorary Member International PEN (Norwegian Center) 1991

6. Humanities Human Rights Award (USA) 1991

7. Honorary Member International PEN (Candian Center) 1991

8. Marisa Bellisario Price Italy 1992

9. Annual Award of the international Human Rights Law Group (USA) 1992

10. Honorary President Students’ Union London School of Economics and Political Science ( UK ) 1992

11. Honorary Member International PEN (English Centre) 1992

12. Honrary Life Member University of London Union (UK) 1992

13. Honorary Professional Fellowship Law and Society Trust (Sri Lanka) 1992

14. Honorary Doctorate in Political Science Thammasat University (Thailand) 1992

15. International Simon Bolivar prize UNESCO 1992

16. Prix Litteraire des Droits de l’Homme Nouveaux Droits de l’Homme, France 1992

17. Honorary Member World Commission on Culture and Development (UNESCO) 1992

18. Member Academie Universelle des Cultures (Paris) 1993

19. Rose Prize arbejderbevaegelsens Internationale Forum/International Forum of the Danish Labour Movement, Copenhagen 1993

20. Victor Jara International Human Rights Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Los Angeles, USA 1993

21. Member of the Advisory Board Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard University 1993

22. Honorary Doctorate of Law University of Toronto (Canada) 1993

23. The Freedom of the City Commune of Giugliano, Italy 1993

24. Bremen Solidarity City of Bremen, Germany 1993

25. Premio Mujer Progresista (Federacion Mujeres Progresistas / Spanish Federation of Progressive Women, Madrid) 1993

26. Honorary Doctorate Philosophy & Letters, Free University of Brussels 1994

27. Honorary Adviser Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia-Pacific 1994

28. The Freedom of the City Aversa, Italy 1995

29. Liberal International Prize for Freedom Britanints Liberal Democracy Party, UK 1995

30. Honorary Doctorate of Laws Queen’s University, Canada 1995

31. Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding (for 1993) India 1995

32. Gandhi Award Simon Fraser University, Canada 1995

33. Honorary Doctorate of Civil Law University of Oxford 1995

34. IRC Freedom Award International Rescue Committee 1995

35. Companion of the Order of Australia Australia 1996

36. Liberal International Prize (UK) 1996

37. Asia Human Rights of Law (Japan) 1996

38. W.Averell Harrimen Democracy Award National Democratic Institute U.S.A 1996

39. Rajiv Shmirti Parashka [Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Award] India 1996

40. Empty Chair Award Women of the Year Lunch, London, UK 1996

41. Honorary Doctorate of Law Charles University in Prague, Czeeh Republic) 1997

42. Honorary Doctorate of Letters Sydney University of Technology, Australia 1997

43. Honorary Doctorate of Letters California Chapman University, U.S.A 1997

44. Honorary Doctorate of Law Natal University, South Africa 1997

45. Honorary Doctorate of Law America University,Washington D.C, U.S.A 1997

46. Distinguished Alumni Award Central University / Delhi University 1997

47. Honorary Citizenship of Rome (Italy) (May 23,1997) 1997

48. Honorary Doctorate of Letters Glasgow University (UK) 1997

49. Pearl S. Buck Woman’s Award Pearl S. Buck Foundation (USA) 1997

50. International Award St. Angela’s Peace and Justice Group, Waterford (Eire) 1997

51. Profiles in Courage Award Kennedy Society of Denmark 1997

52. Honorary Doctorate Cambridge University (June 1998) 1998

53. Freedom of the City (Oxford, UK) 1998

54. Honorary Doctorate of Laws University of Wales, Cardiff 1998

55. Honorary Doctorate of Laws University of Bristol (UK) 1998

56. Honorary Doctorate of Laws University of Melbourne (Australia) 1998

57. Honorary degree Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium – December 1998

58. Honorary Degree University of Bath (UK) – December 1998

59. Honorary Degree Bucknell University – May 1999

60. Freedom Award International Republican Institute, USA (October 1999) 1999

61. The Freedom of the City of Dublin Award Ireland (November 1999) 1999

62. 2000 CAW Nelson Mandela Human Rights Award Canada (December 2000) 2000

63. Presidential Medal of Freedom Award U.S.A. (December 2000) 2000

64. Collage United Nations Prize 2001 Germany (June 2001) 2001

65. International Social Welfare Prize University of Southern CaliforniaSchool of Social Work- (December 8) 2001

66. Al Neuharth Free Spirit Award U.S. Foundation, Washington, USA 2003

67. MTV Humanitarian Award, “Free Your Mind” MTV Europe, EDINBURGH, UK 2003

68. The 2004 TIME 100, The most influential people in the world today TIME Magazine 2004

69. Kwangju Human Rights Award May 18 Memory Foundation from South Korea 2004

70. TIME’s Asia’s Hero 2004 TIME MAGAZINE 2004

71. The Honorary Citizen of Paris France 10/12/2004

72. Honorary Doctorate in Politics, Philosophy and Economics Rangsit University, Thailand 13/12/2004

73. Outstanding Women in Buddhism United Nations Gender and Religious department 8/03/2005

74. Honory Degree in Political Science Thammasat University, Thailand 19/06/2005

75. Freedom of the City Award The City Council of Edinburgh, Scotland 16 /06/ 2005

76. Freedom of Galway City Galway city, Ireland June 2005

77. UNISON Honorary Membership UNISON, Britain’s largest trade union, June 2005

78. Olof Palme Prize Sweden, February 2006

79. Freedom Award Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, USA March 2006

80. New Statesmen Magazine Hero New Statesmen Magazine, May 2006

81. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Deshprem Award, India, 2007

82. Award from University of Cape Town, South Africa

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