The Dark Side of Democracy: The Modern Tradition of Ethnic and Political Cleansing

My friend Dr. Maung Zarni wrote>“Democracy in Myanmar“?
It would NOT even be a good idea.

When asked what he thought of “Western Civilization” during his tour of the West, Gandhi quipped “it would be a good idea”.

It gives me deep chill in my spine to think about the idea of an un-ashamedly racist, “Buddhistmajoritarian democracy in a country which is so ethnically and religiously diverse!

I have visited quite a few concentration camps in Germany to realize what racist majority would mean for the minorities.

My supporting comment>>>Yes friend, this is not Democracy but should be called Mobocracy! or DemoCRAZY?

The Dark Side of Democracy: The Modern Tradition of Ethnic and Political Cleansing

The twentieth century’s death-toll through genocide is somewhere over sixty million and still rising. [*] Yet most scholars and laypersons alike have preferred to focus on more salubrious topics. If they think about genocide at all, they view it as an unfortunate interruption of the real structural tendencies of the twentieth century—economic, social and political progress. Murderous ethnic and political cleansing is seen as a regression to the primitive—essentially anti-modern—and is committed by backward or marginal groups manipulated by clever and dangerous politicians. Blame the politicians, the sadists, the terrible Serbs (or Croats) or the primitive Hutus (or Tutsis)—for their actions have little to do with us. An alternative view—often derived from a religious perspective—sees the capacity for evil as a universal attribute of human beings, whether ‘civilized’ or not. This is true, yet capacity for evil only becomes actualized in certain circumstances, and, in the case of genocide, these seem less primitive than distinctly modern.

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