Muslims in Myanmar need to give the Myanmar Military and U Thein Sein’s Government an ultimatum to Stop the Rakhines, Phongyyis and Hate speeches

I don’t agree with stopping Korban as a protest!
All atrocities R in the hands of military (gov).
Need to give the Myanmar Military and U Thein Sein‘s Government  an ultimatum>>>
Stop the Rakhines, Phongyyis and Hate speeches…
If they cannot or fail to stop them…
Muslims in Myanmar would officially ask UN to send Peace keepers to Rakhine and Myanmar. FULL STOP.

Muslims had already bought the cattle. Too late to stop. Even IF all 5 Muslim organizations agree or order to stop, they would not listen. Just tell the Myanmar military to stop the charade to divert their political problem.

If the Myanmar Military and USDP wish to continue ruling the country after 2015 very easy…Made a pack with Daw Suu led NLD. Put Daw Suu as Deputy President (Ammend the constitution). After 2015 if USDP win…to keep Daw Suu as Deputy President. If NLD win Daw Suu President and MUST give U Thein Sein or USDP chosen candidate as dep President. WE MUSLIMS will give our full support. People will trust and love military USDP like Daw Suu and NLD. In this way country will progress, peaceful and Generals will be safe.

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