Dilema of shaking hands

I AGREE 100% with Veteran filmmaker Tan Sri L. Krishnan who said, “Do you know why we Indians greet each other by putting our palms together?” while demonstrating the traditional Indian gesture of greeting. “So that we do not have to wash our hands after shaking someone else’s,” he quipped.
We Myanmar Muslims usually give salaam like a salute with our right palm on forehead. This is better than shake hands…

I have seen numerous patients closing their mouths and noses with their bare hands while coughing or sneezing and later give me those hands to me for hand shake.

And the worse are those male patients with problems on their private parts. They used their bare hands to point out their problems when I checked them with my gloved hands. After took-off the gloves, washed my hands and wiped only…before they left the consultation rooms, they wish to shake hands with me.

What to do? I have no choice but just to extend my hands with a smile and sweet nice greetings.

I have to wash my hands only after they left my room.

Now read the news> here in the Stars
KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran filmmaker Tan Sri L. Krishnan may be a little hard-of-hearing and have trouble remembering some details of the past, but his nine decades have not diminished the nonagenarian’s laser-sharp wit and side-splitting humour.

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