One dozen fundamentals that will shape Burma’s future

One dozen fundamentals that will shape Burma‘s future

1. The Pentagon and CIA want to have a toehold in Burma out of its Design against the rising China.
2. Beijing will make counter-moves.
3. Japan and its anti-Chinese Defense Establishment will jump on the American wagon.
4. The Burmese generals are neo-fascists and national security-obsessed sociopaths.
5. Saffron-robed monksare morphing into Burmese skin-heads.

6. The majority Bama public are deeply racist and anti-Muslim.

7. Noble dissidents talk the talk of human rights, but don’t walk the walk.
8. The post-independence civil war of 60-plus years is raging on.
9. The Wretched of Burma will be radicalized.
10. The bulk of the multiethnic population is not only deeply impoverished, but little or ill-educated.
11. The Resource Curse will continue.
And 12. Oh, there will be ASEAN Free Trade which will pin the Burmese down for the economic rape.

Burma’s future is bleak indeed.

TQ Dr. Maung Zarni

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