Fabrication of evidences by Thein Sein’s central government and Rakhine State government should be stopped by UN Investigators

Fabrication of evidences by Thein Sein’s central government and Rakhine State government should be stopped by UN Investigators

Rakhine Government, Central Union Government and Myanmar Military Generals are scared of charging at the International Criminal Court as there are legitimate accusations from the International NGOs, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN, UNHCR, OIC and Myanmar Muslims.

Following three cases have indicated that Myanmar authorities have already started the fabricating process.

  1. Hmu Zaw, Director of the President’s Office admitted on the BBC Interview that he had published false news, with the President’s approval, to counter the allegedly false news and pictures from the other side i.e. Rohingya. We could accept this as telling the truth, accidentally revealing the lies he and his boss’ made to save themselves. This was answered in regarding to the question on his posting on his Face Book, on the first few days of the Riots. He wrongly posted about the fully armed illegal invader terrorists even shooting with the RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenades) causing injury to a Myanmar Captain.
  2. Last week, Hmu Zaw is posting again about the battle between Rohingya Rebels and Myanmar army. He claimed that one Captain dead and three soldiers were arrested in the ambush by Rohingya rebel invaders. He alleged that the Rohingya Terrorists are asking for exchange of prisoners with Dr. Tun Aung.
  3. Recently, according to the M-Media report on 12th. November 2012 by Htun Tauk, six Rohingya Refugees including Khin Maung Soe, Kyaw Kyaw Oo who run away from Kyauk Pyu were arrested by police and army, led by Captain Min Khant Oo, at Sin Tat Hmhaw Refugee camp and kept undercustody at No. 1 Police Station in Sittwe. They are accused with arson attacks on their own houses and Rakhine houses. Police are searching 3 more persons with the same charges.

United Nations must stop these fabricating of evidences by Myanmar authorities by sending UN Investigators. All the Investigations should be done by UN Investigators as even the Presidential Rakhine Commission is tainted by the inclusion of the suspected Rakhine leaders who are responsible to the Mass Murders. Continuous retention of those blood-stained leaders and expulsion of two vocal and active Muslim leaders have tarnished the reputation and credibility of the commission. OIC and Human Rights NGOs should push ICC to send UN Human Rights Investigators.

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