Puppet Princess is dreaming that she could topple and get the place of the puppet King in 2015


Puppet Princess is dreaming that she could topple and get the place of the puppet King in 2015.

I just cropped that part from other people’s picture as a satire .
It is just a coincidence that these vultures were seen above the Shwe Dagon Pagoda.
She IGNORED the 969 Swarn Arr Shin Ma Ba Tha’s ATROCITIES on Myanmar Muslimsand Meiktila Muslim MASSACRE.

In Rakhine Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing she ignored the International plea and now seen as trying to protect the government, USDP, U Pine and China.
Democrazy or Power crazy.


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3 Responses to “Puppet Princess is dreaming that she could topple and get the place of the puppet King in 2015”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    Burmese Folk Tale,
    Puppet Master

    Once upon a time, that was a very long long time ago, in a beautiful prosperous country called Shwe Bama Paradise there was an old puppet maker name Ah Ba Aung.

    He had a son named Mg Tat. As the name implies Mg Tat is megalomaniac and thought he knew every thing. So he decided to travel and work abroad to become rich. Father sadly gives him his favourite, precious four puppets,

    a Nat (Burmese version of guardian angel),
    a Be Loo (ogre),
    a Zaw Gyi
    and a holy monk.

    Ah Ba Aung reminded Mg Tat to use his puppets wisely and explained him how to use them if he is in trouble.

    On the first night of his journey, he was alone scared and out of curiosity but jokingly asked the Nat puppet whether it is safe to rest under the tree. The Nat suddenly came alive and advised him to survey and observe the surroundings first before sleep and he found out the foot prints of a tiger, climbed and sleep on the tree and was saved from the tiger which came again later.

    The next day he saw a long caravan and he asked the Be Loo or Ogre how he could become rich immediately. Be Loo suddenly became alive and help Mg Tat to rob and take over the whole caravan. Be Loo taught him a lesson that “The Might is right and it is nothing wrong if he could take anything with force.”

    He found Shwe Bama princess on a carriage and fall in love at first sight. Princess told him that she is the daughter of deposed King Lu Du and she was traveling with all their belongings on the way to join back her father.

    Mg Tat, with the help and advice of the Be Loo took the princess by force against her will.

    Mg Tat was confused and did not know what to do with the new found wealth and asked the advice of the Zaw Gyi. As Zaw Gyi was wise, powerful, know the science, weather, ground condition, could even fly, dive into the earth, he could give the detailed map of fertile soil and precious metal deposits to Mg Tat. Mg Tat became very rich in a very short time.

    Mg Tat tried in every possible way to get the love of the princess but failed every time. One day the princess managed to escape from Mg Tat. Be Loo and Zaw Gyi could not give any help. Then only he remembered about the two puppets he forgot, the Nat he used once and the Monk he never asked for help.

    Then only the two of them taught him that Power and Wealth only, never brings happiness.

    Physical possession of the body with the Might could not get the Love and Loving Kindness.

    The True Happiness comes only from pure heart and Good-deeds.

    What one possessed is not important but how you utilize that possession is more important.

    They reminded his father, Ah Ba Aung’s wise advice to use all four of the puppets wisely. As he was only using the Might of the Ogre and Wisdom of the Zaw Gyi and forgot to control those two with the Wisdom of the Nat and Goodness of the Holy Monk he was on the wrong track.

    Might and power brought wealth but wealth brought in misery only. True happiness came from good deeds only.

    Those two good puppets changed the life of Mg Tat. He does a lot of good deeds, donations and accidentally met the poor princess and her father, poor deposed King Lu Du. He apologized both of them, asked for forgiveness, give back the poor King all his belongings. He wanted to go back to his old village but the King immediately recognized his virtues and talent, offered him a job as his most trusted right hand man and offered him to continue to stay in the ‘palace’ he returned back.

    Mg Tat gladly accepted to work for the deposed King, and later even won the trust of not only the king, but of the princess and at last even won over her heart. They were legally married, Mg Tat became Ein Shei Min or Regent and at last the king of whole Shwe Bama country. And they happily lived ever after.

    Zat paung khan (Epilogue):

    Shwe Bama Paradise is Union of Burma.

    Old wise puppet maker name Ah Ba Aung is our father General Aung San.

    His son Mg Tat is the Myanmar Tat Madaw.

    The Nat is Maha Bandula on special mission ordered by General Aung San to take care of his son, Tatmadaw. He advised me to keep quite like ‘The Royal drum which made the sound only if strike. The wise man, who only answered when asked for advice’ so I give this best advice at last at a crucial time only. I let Mg Tat or the Myanmar Tatmadaw alone to do what they like for a long time giving enough periods to learn its own lesson.

    Ogre or Be Loo is not alone, represents three persons viz: General Ne Win, General Saw Maung and Senior General Than Shwe.

    Zaw Gyi also represents: Russia, North Korea and Pakistan giving Nuclear Know-how, Thailand, China and India supporting economically and militarily.

    Tiger represented foreign colonies including Fascist Japan.

    Shwe Bama princess represented our beloved Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Looting or robbing of the caravan is the Coup.

    King Lu Du represents Lu Du or all the people of Burma/Myanmar.

    Holy man Monk represent, Sayadaw U Gambira led demonstrating monks.

    Lesson learnt:

    Might is not always right.
    Wealth could not buy the love.
    Wealth alone could not bring in happiness.
    How much wealthy is not important. How do we use the wealth is more important.
    Knowledge alone could lead to disasters.
    Might and Knowledge must be guided by Wisdom and Goodness.
    Might and power brought wealth but wealth brought in misery only. True happiness came from good deeds only.
    Physical possession of the body with the Might could not get the Love and Loving Kindness.
    The True Happiness comes only from pure heart and Good-deeds.
    What one possessed is not important but how you utilize that possession is more important.

    A. Advice to Mg Tat or Myanmar Tatmadaw:

    please open your eyes and ears and think about your beloved country and people. Don’t just obey the wrong orders of Be Loos or Ogres Generals like Senior General Than Shwe.

    B. Advice to Ogres, SPDC Generals led by Senior General Than Shwe:

    because of your wrong selfish advices and orders your Mg Tat or Myanmar Tatmadaw is now hated by all the people of Myanmar.

    Please repent now and change if you wish to see the happy ending of Myanmar Tatmadaw.

    Give back the power you looted from the people and NLD.

    Your good will could be rewarded back by NLD and people. At last after few years, your Military men could definitely win back the power in fair and square elections as your brothers in ASEAN.

    Actually people love you in their hearts but because of your strong. cruel, violent and unfair tactics they hate you in the brains.

    Metta is always reflected and flows to both side. If you could really give the tender loving kindness to all the people you would be respected and loved by all.

    C. Advice to Zaw Gyis: Russia, North Korea and Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China and India to stop supporting economically and militarily to the illegitimate present Military Government.

    D. Advice to Lu Du or the people of Burma: Please be brave, patient and continue with the Civil Disobedience. As our beloved Bo Gyoke had advised in the shortest speech before the revolution of Fascist Japan, “Search and attack the nearest enemy!”

    If applied that General Aung San’s advice in the present situation, that could mean, “Search and attack the nearest Kyant Phut, Swan Arrshin, military personnal and police.”

    [Adapted from Daw Khin Myo Chit’s “The Four Puppets,” Folk Tales from Asia for Children Everywhere.]

    MAHA BANDULA @ http://sanooaung.wordpress.com/tag/puppet-master/

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    Please read my article ( As SHWE BA) published in Burma Digest and San oo aung’s blog , Myanmar Folk Tale: Metamorphosis of Saviors into Monsters @ http://sanooaung.wordpress.com/2008/04/27/myanmar-folk-tale-metamorphosis-of-saviors-into-monsters/
    Once upon a time, long long time ago, there was a village in a far away remote area of Burma called, let’s say, Shwe Bama village. Because of the constant disturbances of the wild beast, the villagers were wishing, praying and waiting for a hero to fight and kill the beast and to liberate them.

    One day a prince came to the village and offered his self-less humanitarian voluntary service for the liberation of the village. The prince fought and successfully killed the beast, so the villagers thanked him and offered all the rewards including the right to rule their village. But later the kindhearted, handsome and noble prince surprisingly disappeared from the village. Worse of all, there also suddenly appeared a new ogre (giant) in the forest near the village. So the villagers were very sad and just prayed and wished for another warrior to help them.

    Luck is on their side! One strong and brave warrior with a spear suddenly arrived at their village, offered his help, killed the ogre but he also disappeared again later. Unluckily another ogre, holding a spear, appeared in the forest and disturbed the villagers almost at the same time.

    The story repeats it self like the wheel of the history and the show goes on with the arrivals and disappearances of warriors with one sword followed by two swords and appearances of new corresponding ogres. More than enough rewards and power followed their victories but they did not understand why those heroes disappeared later and similar new monsters appeared. At last the villagers suspected that some thing might be wrong with those saviors and possibility of transforming into monsters and start terrorizing the villagers they had saved.

    At last the leader of village youths organized the youths and killed the two-sword monster. The head of the youth was wise enough to ask his fiancée to watch him closely and to remind him in time to avoid the fate of previous heroes.

    During the victory dinner, the youth suddenly disappeared again. That was noticed immediately by his lover and she tried to search for him. Actually the youth had just entered the nearby cage out of curiosity, because of the attraction by a nice music and golden glow coming out from it. He failed to notice the time because he was enjoying the wealth, delicious foods and drinks, beautiful young girls and the new found power in the cave. But because of his strong will power, attention, self-discipline and self-consciousness he managed to look into the mirror. To his surprise and horror he noticed some changes in his face, like an ogre. Coincidentally, his fiancée also appeared at the entrance of the cave and was calling out his name. He suddenly realized that the wealth and power that accompanied the success was corrupting him and slowly changing him into a monster.

    The two lovers managed to resist the temptation of power, destroyed the cave and its contents, and returned to their village. Then only all of them knew the secret of how their heroes were changed into the monsters by the ‘Power that corrupts’.

    No wonder the power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just look at the cruel King Thi Baw’s replacement by the exploitations of the empire. After the revolution our allied Japanese changed into Fascists. There are some reports of BIA soldiers’ extreme cruel actions on some of the villages. Freedom fighter AFPFL also changed and corrupted and divided into two parties. BIA had to be replaced with BDA and later transformed into the present Myanmar Tatmadaw but its leaders, Ne Win, Saw Maung and Than Shwe are all corrupt and transformed into biggest monsters and are still terrorizing the country.

    We all are waiting for NLD and all the opposition parties to liberate our Shwe Bama but hope and pray that they would be able to control themselves, like the wise village youth leader, from corruption and prevent changing into a monster.

    (The above was a very popular story played by the Burmese Government Cultural Opera in 70’s, but once the authorities realized that the opera carried a very good lesson they ordered to drop the curtain on it.)


  3. drkokogyi Says:

    Yebaw Day said _

    Dear U Shwe Ba, your writings have always inspired me and I am glad you retold this story. As a kid growing up in Rangoon in the 60s or 70s, I saw it in the movies in a cartoon version, as a short feature film; instead of a cave, each hero went up to the castle nanndaw to fight the monster-dictator, and each time, the people just grew poorer and poorer. With each dictator, the people lost more possessions. In the cartoon version, the final hero and his father lost their oxen and they were reduced to pulling the plough by themselves and this is when they cannot take it any more; the final hero goes to fight the dictator; when done, he discovers a treasure trove within the palace, his face becomes corrupt, but he sees his reflection in the polished surface of a golden vase and he regains his senses, destroys the palace, and truly liberates the people. But no matter what the slight differences are in each version, it does not matter. What matters is the lesson that you pointed out.
    I just wanted to indicate a small discrepancy.
    In the 2nd line of the third last para, “After the revolution our allied Japanese changed into Fascists.” This means 1942.
    I hope you will not mind, but the Japanese were already corrupt, cruel fascists since the time they invaded Manchuria in the early 1930′s, circa 1933, and then invaded the rest of China during the rest of the decade. ”The Rape of Nanking” was in circa 1937 in which about 30,000 Chinese where brutally killed. So you could say that the Japanese were already fascists since then.
    But that small mistake you made does not change your thesis, which is correct, so true.
    In the 70′s there was another movie, this one a full length, in Rangoon, about revolution in one of the Latin American nations. Like in your story, a revolution occurs, the leaders become corrupt, and their men terrorize the countryside; a young boy witnesses his mother and sisters horribly violated; his father and brothers come home to capture these government soldiers and his father teaches the young boy how to shoot (holding the machine gun together) and execute the war criminals, telling him to say , “This is for my mother, for my sister, for my country!” He grows up to be one of the heroic revolutionary leaders and succeeds in liberating his land…..
    and then, in the chaos that followed, the nation again degenerates into the same corrupt violence that occurred when he was a child.
    It is very Tayah kyaht zayar, philosophically sobering.
    ERGO, Let us hold up your story high to remind us, to warn us to beware of the very possible degeneration that can insidiously begin to corrupt us when our revolution finally succeeds.
    Meanwhile, let us stay motivated.
    Aung yaht myi, Aung yaht myi, Aung yaht myi!

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