I hope and pray that Muslim group, whether inside or outside, would not take up arms against the Rakhine/Myanmar Government

I hope and pray that Muslims would not take arms as :
1/no other rebel group would form alliance except the notorious foreign groups,
2/no neighbor would allow base at their border,
3/could not hide in the same ethnic group population except Rohingyas (small group easily exposed)
4/and Bama army could target easily.

I wrote above because I got the information that: “မြတ္စလင္ေတြ လက္နက္ကိုင္ခ်င္သပ ဆိုရင္ ေနာက္ကြယ္ကေန လက္နက္တပ္ဆင္ေထာက္ပံ့ေပးမယ့္ ဂ်ဴးေတြ တစ္ပံုႀကီး..”

Dr. Nora Rowley wrote a very good advice to me:

If any Muslim group, whether inside or outside, takes up arms against the Rakhine/Myanmar Government in Rakhine
1) The Myanmar Military is very well equipped from various international forces to blow the attackers out of the water
2) The anti-Muslim populace will support the regime/Rakhine
3) Border countries are already allies of the regime will defend the regime and attack the attackers
4) The regime and Islamo-phobic world will label the attack terrorism and the Rohingya will be labeled directly or by association as terrorists. The Rohingya and all Muslims in Burma will be slaughtered “in-defense” . Rohingya in exhile will be targeted as terrorists.

The Burman supremacist leadership have transferred their resentment and indignation toward the British Indian colonial rule that stripped their dominance and power with Indian administrators and money lenders that confiscated land Burma land used as mortgage collateral when loans defaulted in the early 1930’s. Their anger has shaped their perceptions of Muslims in Burma.Also, Burman dictatorship rule has started and been maintained by illegitimate corrupt and violent means. The Burman supremacist leadership has seen “others” through their own ideology invasion, violence and forced Burmanization. Burma is surrounded by many Muslim majority countries. Rohingya are the most concentrated high number of Muslims in Burma. So, corrupt-minded brutal Burman supremacist leaders have seen Rohingya next to Bangladesh as a threat rather than the peaceful hard working people that the Muslims in Rakhine really are.

My reply to her, supporting her views and thanking her.

Origin of Chettiars Burmese Indians
Digging back into my Wiki Edit history which was deleted by Wiki editors but could still search in Edit history of Wiki’s “Burmese Indians”

Chettiars had the role in the reclamation of the Irrawaddy Delta for rice growing. Burma’s emergence as the ‘rice-bowl’ of the British Empire came as a result of what J S Furnivall (1956:116) memorably lauded as the ‘epic bravery and endurance’ of the country’s cultivators in reclaiming the swamps and jungles of the Irrawaddy Delta. An epic motivated by Burma’s entry into the commercial imperatives of the British Empire, the conversion of the Delta into rich paddy-producing land initially required little capital. Britain’s great ‘exchange banks’ took care of shipping, milling and other export-finance needs, and up until the middle of the nineteenth century the amount of capital required ‘on the ground’ in land preparation was slight. As Adas (1974b:389)noted,[24]in the early years of British rule in ‘Lower Burma’ the growth in rice exports was founded on cheap and surplus labour within cultivator families, and upon abundant land that required little more than clearing.[25]



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