Edit war in Wikipedia that I had givenup in disgust

Following is the WIKI EDIT war, I had given up with disgust @ Talk:Maha Bandula

The IDIOT wrote>Will people please write something with real english and proper grammar, and not kindergarten mindset? I find that some people will write all the issues they want on any topic they find relevant. Why not create a proper page, with proper styling and refercing, rather than deface this one about a famous Burmese general?

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not somebody’s private homepage. Have some sense, some respect, and most of all, some brains! —Preceding unsigned

I replied> You even dare not sign your name and insult others.

You want to be a partner in the Genocide crimes committed by a Burmese ‘hero’ on the Ahon Shans?
Want to distort history?
In denial state?
Before putting citation needed, please read back my edition where I had given enough reference.–Darz kkg (talk) 03:21, 26 May 2008 (UTC)

Just now, very late only, I found out the above unsigned coward’s comments in erasing the facts I had given with proper citation and reference (at that time). Just look at that rude person’s notes in erasing my facts:

11:34, July 6, 2008 (talk) . . (2,405 bytes) (-1,117) . . (conbsidering the fact he lived 200 years ago… this is not relavent to today, and accusing someone of something they did 200 years ago is very dumb)

Just read his very good English, grammar and spellings. Because I was busy at that time, with my job and other more important Wiki articles, I failed to notice his insults. So I do not wish to blame other Wiki Editors for not reprimanding that kind of person’s erasing of facts and style of editing. Darz kkg (talk) 12:01, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

By the way…In the first line , he wrote :

1/ Will people please write something with real english. (should be in capital E.)
2/ conbsidering should be considering.
3/ refercing should be referring
4/ relavent should be relevant

He said I am dumb and to have some brains but he is blinded about his faults, mistakes and have no properly functioning brains at all.Darz kkg (talk) 12:10, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

He should notice that this article is a history article.

So when he wrote,”(conbsidering the fact he lived 200 years ago… this is not relavent …and accusing someone of something they did 200 years ago.”is some what awkward. (Sorry, spellings are copied and pasted as he wrote.)

He was not thinking about what he meant but just wished to attack me and erased the shameful, GENOCIDE and ETHNIC CLEANSING of their hero.Darz kkg (talk) 12:28, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

The facts he deleted and I never tried to add back is given below as I am fighting for the more important Muslim in Burma/Burmese Indians (for Burmese Indian Muslims), Panthay Burmese Chinese Muslims, Pashus or Burmese Malay Muslim articles’ survival. I had given up the Rohingya Muslim facts also because some Rohingyas are fighting the losing battle.

Ultra-Nationalists have got the strong foothold in Wikipedia to Ethnic Cleansed the articles about Muslims in Myanmar.

Massacre of Indian Shans

— the sort of fighting and bloody killings that took place between 1812-19 when the Burmese kings of Mandalay tried to conquer and subdue the Shan Ahom kingdom in Assam, India, where the Burmese General Maha Bandula’s troops committed indescribable cruelties and barbarities as to decimate something like 2/3 of the population and certainly 1/3 of the men and boys – disemboweling them, eating their flesh and burning them alive in cages to intimidate and suppress the Shan Ahom of Assam,India. [2]

This event so weakened and disorganized the Shan Ahom that by 1839 the kingdom was completely annexed by the British. Before that from about 1220 – 1812 AD they maintained themselves under one Dynasty, (that of Mong Mao 568-1604 AD when its descendants ruled Hsenwi or Theinni in Burmese). Indeed the Shan Ahom resisted conquest by the Mughals who had conquered much of India before the British incursion.[3] [1] Burmese translation of above interview_ [2]
^ History of Assam by Sir Edward Gaits.
^ “DIALOGUE WITH A SHAN LEADER, H.R.H HSO KHAN PHA” . Tiger Yawnghwe or His Royal Highness Prince Hso Khan Pha; he is the eldest son of Sao Shwe Thaik, the former Saopha[Prince] of Yawnghwe[Nyaung-Shwe] and the first President of Burma after Burma’s Independence from British colonial rule. Interview with Dr Tayza, Chief Editor of Burma Digest.

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