Government must stop Hate Speech nationwide and Insults on Muslims of Myanmar at grassroot level

I would like to emphasize more on insulting Islam at grass root level.

These insults and instigation usually and regularly occur on the buses in the market and everywhere at public places.

Clandestine booklets and papers with HATE SPEECHES published are the first stage of ISLAMOPHOBIA and so called monks organized in various regions of Myanmar. Oat Ta Ma and Wira Thu and may be some others are synchronizing it.So. these kinds of things have happened not randomly. These are the plots of the top notches in the Military and government, central/union government and regional governments.

We need to publicize their activities and inform to UN and other Islamic organizations, officially. It is also needed to send official complaint to the Government.

Muslims of Myanmar need to set up and run a separate department and collect the records and works.

There should be the press release at least quarterly in a year.

There should be world wide discussions to counter these threats in any mean.

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