Racial Profiling is always wrong

Racial ProfilingRacial Profiling is wrong.

I earn like “Chinese“,

failed to save as “Indian“,

I never waste but is somewhat “spendthrift” like a Bama”on my family,

never rude like a “Chinese”,

never wicket like an “Indian”

but tried to be more polite than some of the “Burmese” people….

So Racial Profiling never fit me…

Ne Win’s government effectively made me left the service and country by labeling me as a Kular

but Muslim Countries, ASEAN, the Western countries and even Malaysian authorities treated me as a Burmese or Myanmar….

So what?

I don’t care!

But I am a Myanmar Muslim Human Rights Activist.

I am happy with my own label.

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2 Responses to “Racial Profiling is always wrong”

  1. Thant Syn Says:

    Hello , brother ,!

    We are brothers out of Metta.
    We love each other in spite of , not because of , as Ma Ma Suu says.
    Maha Kula means so gracious in Buddhism.

    Shakespeare questions, ” What’s in the name ?
    Just pinnyat !

    Essence is the essential. : paramat

    Kindly understand and also Love those living out of fear and feeling threats, even may be perceived threats .

    Ma Ma Suu famously says the real prison is Fear.
    We all need to overcome the fear.

    According to Buddha’s teaching , anger and anguish are the same emotion at two extremes. The essence is the same emotion.
    Yes, the same , same, as spoken in Bangkok.
    We all need to be liberated from that prison ie fear of majority with perceived minority vice versa.

    With Metta,
    Your loving bro.

    maung thant syn

    Ps . My email address is for your eyes only, please.

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