Kingswood High School, Kalaw, Southern Shan State, Myanmar


I wish to send my heartfelt thanks and regards to Ko Harry Min and Daw Win Kyi @ Dr Seinn2 Min

Thanks a lot,  Ko Harry Min and his parent, my childhood friend Daw Win Kyi @ Dr Seinn2 Min.

You all have given me the best presents of my life, copies of our school magazines which are more than 52 years old. I could not describe how much I am happy and thankful to Ko Harry Min (Singapore) and his parents in Pyinmana, Myanmar.

In these 2 edition of Kingswood Star and magazines I got the pictures of my friends, teachers, head masters, school buildings, pictures of my two brothers and my oldest essay about my class printed in the magazine when I was at the fourth standard.

After 5th Standard examination, I left Kingswood High School Kalaw and never met or heard any news about my childhood friends. I wrongly thought that I am the only person who missed my childhood friends and old school. But my friends proved that I am wrong. They have not only kept these memoirs in good shape for more than 50 yrs but still care to send the copies to me, the old friend.

I wish to send my heartfelt thanks and regards to all of you.

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My Friend Lu Ye Chun Daw Than Than Nu had updated the latest picture of our school, now Kalaw GTI on her FB.

Dear Ko Gyi,
Luckily I took some pictures of Kalaw GTI just to show my youngest brother who is now working in L.A for his nostalgic feeling.

Kalaw GTI

12 Responses to “Kingswood High School, Kalaw, Southern Shan State, Myanmar”

  1. Victor Stanley Says:

    My name is Victor Stanley I too attended Kingswood in Klaw from 1948 to 1955. Your pictures brings very fond memories. I now live in England in Norfolk and would love to hear from anyone who attended Kingswood school. My email is: many regards

  2. salim khan Says:

    yes we were 1969 1st standard

  3. saleem sheikh Says:

    Hi buddy it was great to see our class picture, brought back lots of memories I don’t think you remember me as I don,t remember you but you brought back some fond memories off Kalaw I was living in the hostel at that time I like to thank you for sharing all the pictures I am the guy sitting next to you we must have been good buddies I like to get in touch with you and reminiscence about the past my email address is

  4. drkokogyi Says:

    Please come and look @ for more pictures and write something to share about your memoirs or update with your latest place (If do not wish…not a complete address) job, etc. We could just enjoy by dreaming back our Kingswood life.

  5. U Kyaw Win Says:

    Does any alum have a copy of the 1959 (first issue) Kingswood Star. Pls post it on FB. Professor Emeritus U Kyaw Win, teacher at Kingswood in 1959-60.

    • drkokogyi Says:

      Yes Sayargyi…I got 2 books’ copies and have scanned and posted in my Kingswood Highschool FB page @

      • U Kyaw Win Says:

        KKG: I saw the 1960-61 issue of Kingswood Star but not the 1959-60, the one I am looking for. Please post it, especially the dedication page with my picture. I would like to hear from alumni who remember me, particularly Khin Than Htay, the dancer, Linda Shaw, Sandro Lay Thant, James Ko Ko, Ernie Singh, Nyunt Shwe, and more. Thank you for doing this to connect old schoolmates and friends.


      • drkokogyi Says:

        Sorry Sayargyi…I heard about that other book. But I only managed to get 2 books only. I thought I haven’t noticed your pic in those 2 books. But I will search back when I get back home. TQ.

  6. Top lal Says:

    I also had studied in the same school from 1962 to 1965i.e.std 4 ,5 and 6. Most classmates I recognised viewing the photos gifted by Daw Win chi who is our classmate .I returned to my motherland Nepal after 1966 and is now retired
    .from a principal .if any one interested please do communicate

  7. Dr Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    I wish to send my heartfelt thanks and regards to Ko Harry Min and Daw Win Kyi @ Dr Seinn2 Min

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