Buddhist Terrorist group named 969 destroyed Muslims’ shops in Meitthilar ,Myanmar.

A Buddhist group named 969 destroyed Muslims‘ shops in Meitthilar ,Myanmar.

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 at , members of he Buddhist Extremist Group (969) destroyed the shop houses at Meitthilar Township Myanmar after the shop refused to buy the fake gold. The riot started after a couple from the nearby village tried to sell the fake gold. Later the couple gathered a mob from their village to destroy the shops. Few days before these event, Members of Buddhist Extremist group,969 posted at social media Facebook as “Muslim were building a Masjid at Turkey War Cemetery” and they called people to destroy. 969 group was supported by the Buddhist Monk U Wirathu who is popular among racist group due to his Anti Islamic Speech.

Buddhist started burning Muslims’ homes at 6:30 pm after the above incident of gold shop case was finished at 2 pm.Two mosques and 6 or 7 houses were in fire. Police failed to provide safety for Muslims. Muslims from Meikhtila down town area have to run away to nearby towns by leaving their homes and properties. The government need to handle hate speech spreading against minority Muslims by some monks and groups.


An Interview


A brief translation of what a Muslim from that town said in the Interview video is below.

“there is no safety for Muslim till now. We all have to flee from down town by foot or motorcycle or car. They started burn the homes since 6:30 pm. A Mosque called “A Shaet Pa Le (meaning East Mosque)”, Min Galar Zay Yon Mosque and a madarsa, 6/7 houses were in fire. People and Police are just keep watching and not stopping them. Meikhtila 8888 group who attended Min Ko Naing when he visited Meikhtila, another group who helped in conducting a hate speech by racist preacher monk Wi Ra Thu and a group of former NLD who have been fired from NLD group were involved in initiating unrest between Muslims and Buddhists. They had started spreading instigating messages against Muslims. There is an NLD group leading by DR. San Hlaing, Ko Thiha, Htain Min Khine, Kyi Kyi Thein, Mi Thae Oo. They are spreading hate propaganda against Muslim one month before this incident. No death till now from Muslim side. But one Muslim man who tried to take the photos has been beaten up and hospitalized. There are rumors spread that one monk has been killed by Muslims. But the news is wrong. Muslims from Meikhtila down town area cannot do anything but have to run away to nearby towns by leaving their homes and properties. Muslims did not expect that will happen. This happened around 6pm only after the incident of gold shop case was finished at 2 pm. Now we cannot do anything. I would like to request the government to handle hate speech spreading against minority Muslims. This is now very important to handle such kind of Hate speech spreaded by NLD group and some monks which government did not take any action against them till now. “

Source: My Friend on FB


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