Updates on Anti-Muslim Riot in Meikhtila (at 9:40 PM) – Members of 88 Generation Students Are Responsible


We need to request International NGOs, UN and Governments to pressure Myanmar Government and Daw Suu to strictly control HATE SPEECHES (and of course Hate Mongers).

As long as they are allowed dosing Hatred Petroleum around Myanmar…any minor sparks (real or accident or created) would trigger the exploding and fire.

U Thein Sein Daw Suu are responsible for this as they failed to even reprimand the 969 racist campaign led by criminal Wira Thu.

Updates on Anti-Muslim Riot in Meikhtila (at 9:40 PM) – Members of 88 Generation Students Are Responsible

M-Media 20 March 2013



Thiri Mingala Ashae Mosque (East Mosque) in Meikhtila was completely burnt down this evening. The mosque was set on fire at 6 PM. Although there army and police units, they were not able to control it. The fire was extinguished at 8:30 pm. About eight muslim houses were also burnt down.

Two other mosques are said to have been destroyed as well.

During the riot this afternoon, Min Aung, a Muslim resident was beaten up by members of 88 Generation Students for taking photos of people destroying gold shops. His head and eyebrows were injured.

Ironically, he has been jailed at the police station. He is not allowed for medical treatment, and he is not allowed to see anyone either.

Min Aung is not a member of NLD (National League for Democracy), but he has been active on NLD activities.

According to M-Media sources, members of 88 Generation Students are responsible for the riot.

People who are involved in recent anti-Turkey War Cemetery in Meikhtila and distributing hate messages against Muslims in the forms of books and letters are Thiha, Htein Min Khaing, Mae Pa, May Htet Oo, Nyut Win and Dr. San Hlaing.

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