Photos of killed Muslims with armed Terrorist Buddhists in Meiktila, Myanmar



Terrorist Monk

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A man stands in front of a mosque as it burns in Meikhtila C3





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39 Responses to “Photos of killed Muslims with armed Terrorist Buddhists in Meiktila, Myanmar”

  1. kyawkyawoo Says:

    Reblogged this on Kyaw Kyaw Oo's Words of Love and Truth and commented:
    Photo of killed Muslims and Burnt Masjids

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    Updates on Meiktila: Muslims dare not pick the dead bodies
    Myanmar News no comments

    Updates on Meiktilar, March 21 @ 7PM.

    M-Media interview with a resident who has escaped from Meiktila

    Chan Aye Thar Yar Mosque was destroyed at 6 PM. Thar Yar Kong Mosque located at Nan Taw Kong was also destroyed. Shops owned by Muslims at Correction Service’s building were also destroyed.

    Haji Zaw Lin Maung, as well as U Kasim’s wife and child, Ko Harman’s wife and children are also dead. We dare not even pick up the bodies. You can imagine how we are feeling as we can’t even retain the bodies that are supposed to be properly buried.

    At 2 pm today, Buddhists burnt down Bengali mosque. We heard of burning and noises. Before that, I saw trucks bringing about 30-40 people. Although they did not include local residents, it is strange that they know exactly where Muslim lives, and what are located where.

    Some Buddhists feel sympathy towards Muslims, but some not.

    In Meiktila, all mosques have been destroyed, but Turkey mosque remains as it is in the area controlled by the Army 99th Division.

    Now, many people have left Meiktila for other towns.

    Here [undisclosed location due to security], we have been protected by Buddhist Monks, and there are army units here.

    We will cooperate with the monks for peace and safety.

  3. “Ek roze sab laal ho jayega” | Brown Pundits Says:

    […] Once the pictures are circulated, muslim populations may be prepared to strike back (again) against “chinese looking” populations in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad.. […]

  4. Says:

    So sad we where ready to help us my muslim,s brother in Burma

  5. ramzan Says:

    where is human wright ngo . when thousands muslims were killed . and killing of muislims are continueing. tit for tat.history can changed .please take pity on muslim . i say to mayanmar government and all terrors wich are envolve.

  6. ramzan Says:

    please stop stop stop killing of muslims. these muslims are first human then muslims. on the behalf of muslims .please take pity on them.

  7. Maqsood Khan's Says:

    Where is U.N. and human rights they only say Muslims are terrorists but infact they are own big big terrorist because why are they silent they must have to take action.

  8. FAIZAN Says:

    please stop stop stop killing of muslims. these muslims are first human then muslims. on the behalf of muslims .please take pity on them.


    I am surprized that why UNO,OIC, burman goverment,international human rights orgnisations, all keep eyes close, why thy are all keep silant?? Burma governament and peaopls of civil society of burma should protect muslims of burma. . . .we are human being and plz be show humanity and sypmpathee which is basic unit of all religions .


    Stop killing of innocent muslims

  11. Qamar Says:

    these peoples are humans before being Muslims so where is UNO. where is France. where is America. where is all human rights plz any one of those can explane me where are they who attack Libya and Afghanistan , Egypt, Iraq .for kill only one paerson like Obama ,Kadafi and sadam Hussain, why they close their eyes on this mater ?????????????????

    • Ann from America Says:

      Sorry for your loss of lives. I’m not a Muslim but respect all human life. The reason the American government does nothing for your area is simple – you do not have the kind of natural resources the middle east has (like oil) nor are you strategically placed. They want their kind of democracy and allies in the areas around Israel. It’s a sad and greedy affair. May your God be with you.

  12. Muhammad Talal Says:

    uno why are you silent you take action when muslims are involved in terorism but why not now?

  13. Qaisar Iqbal Says:

    Allah is watching every thing that is happening. don’t worry every one has to be died. Very sooner these people who are killing muslims also have to die then Allah Will do true justice and Allah Will reward these muslims who are being burned or killed.

  14. Muhammad Younas Qazi Says:

    khuda barbad karey in butishs ko

  15. Muhammad Younas Qazi Says:

    plz pm sb take action. plz stops the mulims killing

  16. Abbas Ahmed Says:

    Where are the Rulers of Muslims country, Why they are silent. There are almost 60 Muslims countries. Why they are not taking action against the Govt of Burma. Rulers of Muslims countries are the follower of America. They will not speak with out prior permission of Obama. Where is UNO, OIC, and the champion of human rights. One day inshallah will come when the muslims will rule whole the word. Same history will be repeated against the culprits.

  17. Shabir Ahmed Says:

    Allah is watching every thing that is happening. don’t worry every one has to be died. Very sooner these people who are killing Muslims also have to die then Allah Will do true justice and Allah Will reward these Muslims who are being burned or killed in Barma

  18. Abubakar adam Says:

    innalillahi was inna ilaihi rajiuun

  19. 2526258 Says:

    ya allah burama ka musalmano par karam farma

  20. Muhammad Hashim Khan Says:

    Islam isn’t a religion of “caftan”. There isn,t any “s” at the end of word Muslim. We are not afraid of Budhists or any of such culprits. The Culprits are dragging us to repeat our history. We respect the human beings till they remain humans. We are the Best at taking the revenge. No more pity is required for the muslims at any corner of the world rather the time has come to let the budhists and other such culprits to take the piety over themselves. Allah Hamara hamyu Nasir ho.

  21. pathan furkhan Says:

    ya allah burma ke musalmano par karam farma
    aur sabhi musalman bhaiyon se gujarish hai please chup mat baitho. kya pata uske bad humare pe bhi yahi musibat aaye please kuch action lo.

  22. waqas kamboh Says:

    stop the killing

  23. Said Hafizullah Says:

    I would like this appeal to international organizations of human rights to use their influence to help Muslims in Burma. This is a humanitarian issue and world governments should stop this genocide to preserve international peace as soon as possible.
    I would like to request the Muslim conference and the United Nations secretary general to stand against this brutality at global level. I also would like to urge the UN institute of human rights to pay strict attention to this issue and take notice of brutalities against unarmed and innocent humans. It seems this is a second Hitler in the world started taking revenge of past Hitler from unarmed Muslim civilians in Burma.
    The Burma terrorist president should stop such brutality against Muslims as soon as possible, otherwise the hot fire will come to the gate of his own house and born along with his family members and the world will watch it as we do now.

  24. shahzad aziz Says:

    plz plz plz stop killing innocent Burma Muslims.

  25. tariq rashir Says:

    only hope is da’ish ; al-qaida for muslim umma

  26. mohamedarshad Says:

    Fuck burma buddhist

  27. maha sultan Says:

    You bloody ass don’t think we Muslim are week just wait and watch what will Allah do just wait Allah will punish you all

  28. natasha Says:

    killing is a sin and what are you gaining after killing them , just blood on your hands how would you feel if they were killing your familly pls guys stop this

  29. M.sohail Says:

    Allah pak reham kr de apna fazal kr de

  30. shabir Says:

    Is it true?

  31. drkokogyi Says:

  32. drkokogyi Says:

  33. shimar Says:

    Please stop killing them..please please please.. It’s not about religion.. It’s about humanity.. Don’t kill innocent people..

  34. arfa Says:

    Why people maynmar are killing muslim

  35. Alla Mir Says:

    This is the real shape of human rights.
    Where is the human rights.
    Who are funding to the human rights they are funding only for killing

  36. Sikander Hayat Says:

    khudara muslamano ab to aik ho k is kufar ka mun thor jwab do

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