Many Muslims are thinking about leaving the hostile Myanmar but consider these facts

My friend Khalid Walid wrote:

တမန်တော်မြတ်ကြီး Hijra လုပ် တဲ့ အ ချိန် မှာ မက္ကာ မှာ ရှိ တဲ့ မွတ်စလင် အား လုံး ထွက် ခွာ သွား ကြ တယ် လို့ ယူ ဆ ပါ တယ် ။ ဒါ ပေ မဲ့ စစဦး မှာ အီသီယိုပီးယား ကို ထွက် ခွာ ခိုင်း တဲ့ အုပ်စု လည် ရှိ ခဲ့ ဘူး ပါ တယ်၊ ခု နေ တတ် နိုင် သူ တွေ ဒီ က စွန့် ခွာ သွား ရင် ကျန် တဲ့သူ တွေ အင် အား လျှော့ သွား မလား ။ စိတ် အား ငယ် သွား မ လား…အား လုံး စွန့် ခွာ သွား သင့် သလား..?
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So, it is evident that Migration is a natural phenomena even practiced by Prophets and “gods” but all the Muslim countries from OIC, OPEC including Malaysia refused to legalize the Migration of downtrodden Muslims around the world, including Burmese Muslims and Rohingyas from Myanmar.


In the Qur’an: Al-Baqara
Lo! those who believe, and those who emigrate (to escape the persecution) and strive in the way of Allah, these have hope of Allah’s mercy. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (218)

In the Qur’an: An-Nisa
Lo! as for those whom the angels take (in death) while they wrong themselves,

The angels will ask: In what were ye engaged?

They will say: We were oppressed in the land.

(The angels) will say: Was not Allah’s earth spacious that ye could have migrated therein? As for such, their habitation will be hell, an evil journey’s end; (97)

Except the feeble among men, and the women, and the children, who are unable to devise a plan and are not shown a way. (98)

As for such, it may be that Allah will pardon them. Allah is ever Clement, Forgiving. (99)

Who so migrate for the cause of Allah will find much refuge and abundance in the earth, and who so forsake his home, a fugitive unto Allah and His messenger, and death overtake him, his reward is then incumbent on Allah. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful. (100)

I think it depends on each individual. No one should force or persuade because I have a lot of bad experiences.

If we stop others, they would definitely ask why I left.

If I relate my initial difficulties most of them think I am jealous about them and purposely telling bad things.

But if I encourage them to come out, most of them could not stand the difficulties and blame me. Actually the present condition is NOT like our Prophet’s (pbuh) time.

The migrant not only need to struggle for the survival but the most important thing is….

The Stay Permit or Visa or Dependent Pass, Work Permit or student Pass or Second Home Programme, Green Card (Red IC or Permanent Residency) or Citizen Ship or Refugee status or at least getting the UNHCR Card. All of these are not easy and Illegal status or Illegal Migrant status is also quite dangerous.

In Thailand and Malaysia…Illegals are more than legals. For many of them, no problem but there are VULTURES at every corner trying to exploit. I heard that most of the Thi police at Myanmar border used to have a Myanmar mistress. They give their ‘Myanmar wives’ the necessary protection. But even most of the Myanmar girls came legally to Malaysia used to get married (just staying together) because their “brothers” are waiting every where to give necessary help and guidance for everything. Usually within 3 months time they end up in the bed together.

Another thing is, I tried my best for my brother Mg Mg and nephew Ko Ko Lwin. We (they and I) have done legal ways, spending money, engaged with 2 agents. We have given presents to greased the relevant hands. But Allah don’t agree. When failed we wrote appeals to the Minister. When all failed I wrote the complaint letter to the PM Dr M and given copies to relevant ministers. I was even threatened by some LITTLE Napoleons with ISA (Pote Ma 5 here). But I wrote another 4 letters stubbornly. They have to go back, their family members and extended family members misunderstood and blame me. Not only I have to spend for them, I have to compensate one of them. And I got the bad name from the authorities and some people used my appeal letters as an excuse for their failures.

People just see my in-laws staying here happily. They don’t now how much we had to try everywhere and how many times they had to go back because of various problems. Dr NAK could not get visa here and studied MSc in NUS (Singapore). He was hit by a Motorbike and fractured. When he went back, even some doctors were backbiting with the malicious intent that his brother in law (ie I) fought and hit him. My sis in law also went back. But at last all tried again and successful. My parents in law came back from Umrah, stayed together fasting in Ramdan and 3 days before Eid had to go back because the “MUSLIM” Malay Immigration Officers refused to even give ONE week extension to enjoy Hari Raya together. (We never met for 10 yrs and their first visit here. Our appeals are fallen on their DEAF EARS.

My parents in laws have to use their OWN MONEY to paid for Second Home programme and stayed in Malaysia because Malaysian Immigration REFUSED to issue dependent visa for our parents or parents in laws….

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2 Responses to “Many Muslims are thinking about leaving the hostile Myanmar but consider these facts”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    I my self have to struggle for NINE months without any job, just in and out of Malaysia for visa. After getting job have to work not in the good position and after 15 yrs only got the PR. Still struggling with 12 hr per day, seven days a week and off on 2 Eids days per year. So just don’t look at my present status, if prepared to stand all the difficulties come. Many Myanmar doctors are here doing the illegal GP. They could be jailed if caught. Some just work as locums, some as nurses or interpreters.

  2. The 3-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi’s ONE DEAD picture moved the hearts and minds of the whole world but it is a shame that sadly DEAD BODIES dug up of more than hundred ROHINGYA boat people could not move any Muslim leader’s heart: OIC, ASE Says:

    […] Many Muslims are thinking about leaving the hostile Myanmar but consider these facts […]

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