THE ULTIMATE INSULT ON ISLAMIC FAITH by Buddhist monks led by U Wira Thu

Four Muslims who allegedly KILL a monk were arrested. We hereby demand to give them a fair and open TRIAL. If they could prove SELF DEFENSE, release them.

HOW about Wira Thu standing in front of the burning Madrasa, asking the teenage Muslim children to pray and bow down in front of a monk. Forty three of those who refused were beheaded and burnt to death. In Islam like some Christian sects, we are not allowed to bend down on anyone except Allah.

Arrest Wira Thu or the responsible MONK because THIS IS THE ULTIMATE INSULT ON ISLAMIC FAITH.

If the Monk could not be trace, ARREST the POLICE CHIEFS of Meikhtila Township and Meikhtila District and Mandalay Division Police Chief for FAILURE to prevent the killings which happened in front of their subordinates. This is COMMAND Responsibility and Ommission of Duty. Charge them in court if U Thein Sein is a fair minded leader. If not U Thein Sein should be held responsible for all the killings.

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE INSULT ON ISLAMIC FAITH. We must made the world know and if self proclaimed Myanmar Bin Ladin Wira Thu is protected by Myanmar Government, there is a PRECEDENT to follow. Please remember how USA and willing partners demanded and punished Afghanistan because they refused to hand over Bin Ladin.

I am sorry to read this news. This could be avoided IF the Myanmar government control the Hate Speeches, stop any violence committed by anyone and punish the culprits irrespective of race and religion. Even now they have arrested the two owners of Gold Shop. Yes, it is according to law but need to give them a fair trial and punish accordingly. BUT Myanmar Government must arrest those looters and destroyers of their shop. Give enough compensation to them as the Police fail to protect their property.

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