Myanmar Muslims need the UN, US and EU’s protection to continue supporting Daw Suu led NLD

Myanmar Muslims are ready to support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD in 2015 like we always did.

Although she had not done ENOUGH to save the Muslims of Myanmar from Genocide plot by Military hardliners in the government, we forgive NLD for the excellent job done by U Win Htein. (Who had revealed seeing 40 Muslim killings in just two days, to the Singapore Straight Times but now seems to be tone down obviously due to intimidation by the TERRORIST Military Hardliners in the government.

But we need the UN, US and EU’s protection to continue supporting Daw Suu led NLD.

At first I thought that IF we support the bloody hardliners from the military government they would stop the atrocities on Muslims.

But they don’t want our support but to destroy the support of NLD only by the Monks led 969 Ultra-nationalists.

After learning the Bigot ex-MI General Ye Myint’s words I give up hope on U Thein Sein, until and unless he remove that idiot from that position of PM of Mandalay Division.They don’t care about us. They thought that if they suck Obama and polish the shoes of the West with Islamophobic rhetoric they could smoke shield the world opinion.

But now at least some (a few only now) of the real democratic Myanmars realized that 969’s atrocities could ruin the good image of Buddhism. Not only the Christian West but Muslims are behind Muslims of Myanmar. Now there is no choice but U Thein Sein must take action on those MASS-MURDERERS.

If not he and ALL the National and Division Governments involved as well as Tatmadaw leaders would be held responsible at ICC. If all the sanctions come back they have to sell their mothers, wives and daughters to their Step-father China. 18th. April is new year day for Myanmars, Panjabis, Tamils, Talagu and most of the Indians.

Now, In Sya Allah, OIC meeting may be on that auspicious day. The enemies of Islam proposed and schemed but Almighty Allah s.a.w. will definitely disposed their plan.

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