NLD U Win Htein, Daw Suu and Meikhtila Muslims

Maung Zarni shared Carlos Sardiña Galache‘s status.

These two two paragraphs didn’t appear in my report published yesterday in The Bangkok Post (I believe it was just a mistake or a misunderstanding between the editor and me, but I’m trying to find out why):

“Many Muslim interviewed by Spectrum in Yangon and other places feel that Aung San Suu Kyi has also abandoned them, and expressed their disappointment with her inability to make a forceful defense of Myanmar’s Muslim communities. One of the aspects of the crisis that has puzzled many international observers has been the conspicuous silence of “the Lady” and her party on the issue.

When we mentioned this to Win Htein, he answered that the party is willing “to accept the blame for not taking the necessary steps on behalf of the Muslims,” and added that they will “repair the damage later, involving in religious ceremonies and getting a few committees to get together, but it will be a hard task.” He said that he had told Aung San Suu Kyi not to go to Meiktila: “I advised her not to come here, because people were blaming me when I supported the Muslims.” He admitted that this decision was the result of political calculation, but added: “She wouldn’t be able to give a reasonable answer to the conflict, that’s why I told her not to come.””

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