Schooling in Burma produced brain- and heart-dead or damaged Racist graduates

Schooling in Burma, with all its mindless emphasis on test scores, class ranks, exam marks and ‘outstandingness’, has absolutely no organic correspondence with intellectual, personal or moral development of the human young there.

( I suppose that’s generally the Asian middle class disease — academic excellence with no serious thoughts. My teenage daughter in Berkeley, properly educated, can hold a serious intellectual conversation with my world renown academic mentor at Wisconsin. She showed absolutely no signs of being intimidated by him and his academic wife. In fact, she even enjoyed sharing her grounded reflections on what’s wrong with American middle schools!)

Over the past 50 years, Burma has produced thousands of university graduates, doctors, engineers, scientists, etc.

Most of them are brain- and heart-dead or damaged by the way they have been ‘educated’ within the Burmese state school systems.

Many of them remain closed-minded and incapable of intelligent thoughts, even decades after they left Burma for greener pastures, hence the Burmese diaspora, unlike the Jews, is soaked in racism, ignorance, narrow-mindedness, cultural ritualism – and stink like the rotten fish paste Ngapi

(I prefer and savor the real rotten fish paste to this bunch, to be blunt).

Dr. Zani, a Mandalayan Myanmar Buddhist, is my schoolmate studied in our school St. Peter’s High School (9 BEHS). He holds a MA from the University of California at Davis and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Visiting Fellow of LSE University (London School of Economics) and Senior Fellow at University Malaya.


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