Janji ditepati and alleged promise of 300 homes for Rohingya Refugees

Dato’ Haji Abd. Azeez Abd. Rahim (Putra Malaysia) led Putra 1 Malaysia group had went together with MRA to Myanmar. They had donated emergency relief kid boxes and USD 10 thousand given by the Malaysian Government. Thank you very much Dato’, MRA, Putra 1 Malaysia members and Malaysian Government.

We heard the news that Malaysian Government had allegedly promised the Muslims of Myanmar that they would donate 300 homes and OIC had also promised 5000 homes for the IDP Rohingya Refugees.

Now the raining and flooding season will start in few weeks. It seems that both parties had forgotten their promises or may be just delayed for unforeseen circumstances like GE 13.

If it is true that you have given promises, please may you kindly allow us to request on behalf of the Rohingya Refugees to kindly fulfill your promises as the Internally Displaced Rohingya Refugees are going to face another blow of the nature by the Monsoon Rain and storms which usually starts in May.

If you have never given promises, sorry for the wrong news and kindly forgive me for this wrong request.

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