I hereby request someone to AUDIT and punish Postlaju for taking about 10 days to deliver letters from KL to KL

I hereby request someone to AUDIT and punish Postlaju for taking about 10 days to deliver letters from KL to KL Malaysian postmen were taken about 2 ks-2mts to just deliver a letter from KL to KL. Post Laju is taking about 7-10 days to deliver the intra KL city letters. It is too much and shameful.

PosLaju’s claims are puzzling

SINCE December, the Port Dickson Hospital has been sending my medicine, prescribed by the specialist there, via PosLaju once a month.

So far I have received the medicine one or two days after it was posted.

On April 17, the hospital again posted the regular prescription to me.

On April 28 and April 29, the pharmacist from the hospital called me to confirm whether or not I had received the medicine. She even provided the PosLaju tracking number.

I called PosLaju in Kelana Jaya at 10.30am on April 29 to enquire about the delay.

The man who answered, checked their system and informed me that my residential area is now under the Damansara post office.

He said that according to the information in the system, the medicine would be delivered to me that day.

When I called the Damansara post office to enquire about the delay, I was given the excuse that the postman came to deliver the medicine on April 19 but no one was at home.

My wife has to babysit our grandchildren and is always home. The doorbell did not ring on that day, nor did anyone knock on our door.

According to procedure, the postman should have left a notice of attempted delivery or PosLaju should have telephoned us later but neither action was done.

The medicine finally arrived after 5pm on April 29, 12 days after it was sent through PosLaju.

I am puzzled by PosLaju’s claim that delivery was attempted when there was no sign of any attempt.

Petaling Jaya


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