May Allah ask the Muslim leaders around the world on Judgement day, why they ignored the plight of the Muslims of Myanmar

Don’t worry about the FOREIGNER Burmese Muslim professionals like me who is in your country for 27 yrs. .

And forget about the Rohingya Myanmar Muslims that you all never consider to even grant just a legal document to temporarily stay in your country. Why one of your great leader, who know all the atrocities and show sympathy on us chosen to advise other countries like Australia to accept the Rohingyas. Why you Muslims refused to accept and shamelessly ask Christians to accept those downtrodden Muslims. And one great former leader with Islamic credentials advised Thailand and ASEAN in the Bangkok Post Interview, to push back the Rohingyas into the Indian sea. (To let them die?)

Now there are more than enough evidences of Persecution, Prosecution, Religious Cleansing of Muslims of Myanmar, burning of hundred of Masids and Qur’ans but you Malaysians keep quiet? You just wish to help Orang Puteh (=European) Bosnian Muslims? And your cousin Acheh Muslims, Southern Thai, Southern Filipinos and Indonesians only.

You all SHAMELESSLY even PROTECT Myanmar Gov at the UN and ASEAN to continue to get usual business benefits from them.

I hope Allah would surely ask this question on the judgement day to all the Muslim leaders who ignore the PLIGHTS of fellow Muslims and collaborate with enemies of ISLAM. Just shout loudly against Israel and supporting Palestine to get the grassroots Muslims’ vote only enough for those hypocrite Muslim leaders around the world.

I will be in my clinic working whole day up to 10-30 PM. My wife and children will also stay in the house (voluntarily) to avoid traffic jams and to avoid unwarranted incidences or disturbances.

My comment under RACIST Malaysian Insider‘s bigot article, ”

Watchdogs on foreigners’ ‘fishy behaviour’ in GE13, says PAS

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One Response to “May Allah ask the Muslim leaders around the world on Judgement day, why they ignored the plight of the Muslims of Myanmar”

  1. khin may day Says:

    Please send the letter like this to all muslim country leader to save muslim in myanmar .

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