A modern-day hell hound at large!

A modern-day hell hound at large! 05 May 2013 21:01, Written by Nay Tun Naing


In 1936, student leader Aung San (independence architect General Aung San) featured an article titled ‘A hell hound at large’ in Ohway Magazine when he was editor in charge of the magazine.
The article angered the British authorities of the Rangoon University (now Yangon University). Aung San was expelled from university as he was accountable for the article written by student Nyo Mya under the pseudonym ‘Yama Min’ (King of Hell), sparking a nation-wide students’ movement.

Today, the time has also come to expose truth and bring justice. A person or a certain group of people is committing destructive acts to put Myanmar on the brink of bloodshed. They are filled with the spirit of reviving dictatorship. Their acts and tactics are as same as those of the previous military junta.
With impunity, their position in the country is likened to a situation in which ‘a modern-day hell hound is at large.
Taking advantage of today’s speedy internet communications, those attempting to revive authoritarian system have changed their propaganda. They have managed to hit the targets by working with energy and enthusiasm on social Facebook pages. They have made great strides in their attempts. They are found to have caused incitements among the public with the use of a government propaganda mechanism.
I was questioned by the commission formed by the Parliament for investigation into Dr. Seik Phwar’s article. I told the commission that I know the information for a long time. I told them that Dr. Seik Phwar could be more than a person. There could be a very well-formed organization behind it.
It surprised me that members of the commission already know who Dr. Seik Phwar or the leader of that organization is. According to the facts I had gathered, I told them I knew who Dr. Seik Phwar was. A commission member who used to work with Seik Phwar in the same department agrees to the facts I pointed out.
The additional fact is that the Parliament already found out the address Seik Phwar used. I was not shocked when the commission said they found out who Seik Phwar was, based on the above facts. The Seik Phwar investigation did not affect freedom of writing for sure but the investigation was made to find out who is behind Dr. Seik Phwar or the organization.
Seik Phwar seems to think that the parliament will never find out who he is and it will not reveal even if it is found out. A previous Facebook account named “Sitt Aung” disappeared before Seik Phwar appeared and new writings no longer came out on the “Voice of Myanmar” blog under the name of Professor Dr Seik Phwar. But a new name came out in a new place. It is “Hludu Maung Karlu” account on Facebook. I will tell why I can say this.
Writers cannot change their writing styles completely. Whatever names they change, they cannot alter their original writing styles absolutely as time goes by. Every writer knows it. It is found when closely monitored that Hludu Maung Karlu’s writing style is the same as Sitt Aung’s and Seik Phwar’s.
Seik Phwar and Hludu Maung Karlu attacked those who want “genuine democracy”, and honored the military and “their” people.
Propagandists wanting to revitalize dictatorship tried to strengthen their membership at first on social websites. Secondly, they allowed everyone to make comments on their writings. Thirdly, they made their members cheer up their writings on the sites. In this way they tried to spread their propaganda.
Hludu Maung Karlu is well known among social networking website users in Myanmar. He attacks politicians and journalists who have won public support, including the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
Now, his target is to incite religious riots. In a conflict, which occurred at a mosque in Tharkayta township, his and his accomplices’ incitement played a key role. He continuously stirred up religious hatred before the Meikhtila riots in central Myanmar. His Facebook page is now filled with posts provoking hatred against Muslims. Worse is his attack against the opposition party National League for Democracy (NLD), which is expected to win the vast majority of public votes in 2015 election.
He accuses the NLD of being a Muslim party.
The state-owned media used the derogatory word “Muslim Kalar” but have not made any explanation about it yet. Such usage was not possible to appear on the paper unless a senior official granted permission. No investigation was made as to who is behind the usage or who ordered to use the word.
Professor Dr Seik Phwar is a senior official of the information ministry, his colleague who is a parliamentarian, officially admitted to the probe commission. Maung Karlu also has instant access to that news which is out of reach for ordinary people. He could post such news on his page in real time. This raises suspect among the people. It is strange that those causing incitements on facebook pages are similarly named with the propagandists in the state-owned papers in the previous military regime.
Now the investigation commission has found out the identity of Dr. Seik Phwar. We are watching whether Dr. Seik Phwar and its manipulators will be charged by the parliament or the government.
Likewise, Hludu Maung Karlu and its group, which have links to Seik Phwar, need to be identified and taken action. Only then, could the public see the light and justice can be done for the Muslim people living in Myanmar to alleviate their sufferings.
If the parliament and the government do not take action against those perpetrators, people who want the truth will reveal about this to the international community. Besides, they are going to report to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other UN organizations. Hludu Maung Karlu should know that the ICC won’t hesitate to discover the IP of Facebook user and email address.
In fact, U Wirathu and Buddhist monks or the 969 movements are not the main culprits of religious incitements. But Dr. Seik Phwar, Hludu Maung Karlu and their accomplices are held accountable for this. They need to be exposed. Otherwise, Myanmar will seriously suffer a religious crisis before 2015. And the country may face bloodshed.
The parliament and the government are fully responsible for making known the modern-day hell hound.
For me, I am brave enough to be questioned either at the investigation commission or at the ICC.

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